TIACS Alliance

TIACS Alliance Member

MIGAS is a proud TIACS Alliance Member. TIACS’ mission is to remove the physical and financial barriers that have prevented blue collar workers from accessing the preventative mental health support they deserve.

The TIACS Alliance is a group of like-minded companies that are dedicated to starting conversations about mental health. Read the MIGAS and TIACS alliance media release >

TIACS is a free early-intervention, short-term mental health service, available to all, with no GP referral required, open Mon-Fri 8am-10pm AEST.

View more about TIACS services and how our Alliance is helping our community >

Linville Progress Association Inc.

There’s nothing like the smell of an Aussie outdoor cook-up, and now the Linville Progress Association is raising the stakes with their very own mobile BBQ donated by MIGAS Apprentices & Trainees.

Pictured: Brisbane Valley residents, Marg and Lawrie collected the BBQ trailer from MIGAS CEO, David Hoey, at the Brisbane head office.


Linville Progress Association President Gail Bawden said she was looking forward showing off the custom wrapped trailer in the Linville community.

“We are so very grateful to MIGAS for generously donating the BBQ trailer which I understand is valued at almost $15,000,” she said.

Linville is a gorgeous town in the Brisbane Valley that is alive with a mix of events and good old-fashioned hospitality.

“A piece of equipment like this will enable us to deliver even more local events for the township, develop our wonderful community spirit, and naturally raise much needed funds to enhance our town as an authentic tourist destination on the famous Rail Trail,” Ms Bawden said.

MIGAS CEO, David Hoey, was chuffed to hear that the fully refurbished BBQ trailer was heading to a good home and would be put to good use.

“For many years our team has travelled to schools and work sites to put on a sausage sizzle with the BBQ trailer in tow,” he said.

“It’s an awesome fit out complete with large built in cooler boxes, a multi-burner BBQ, a full gas bottle and a storage box full of all the BBQ cooking necessities. How good that it will continue to be a talking point and reason for the Linville community to meet up, make new friends, and draw new visitors to the town.

“As a not-for-profit organisation we are proud of finding different ways to give back to communities in which we are actively working to create jobs for traditional trades apprentices and trainees,” Mr Hoey said.

What We Stand For

  • We stand up for trade apprenticeships

    Our reason for being is to create jobs for apprentices and trainees. Together with our host employers, they sit at the heart of our business. We stand side by side with our apprentices and trainees from commencement to completion.

    We take great pride in our knowledge of the Australian Apprenticeships sector, and draw on our expertise to educate, guide and delight our clients, peers, staff and stakeholders.

    We leverage our know-how to position ourselves as the leading employer of apprentices and trainees in traditional trades and complementary industries.

  • We celebrate mateship

    Our behaviours and actions embody the character of mateship. What you see is what you get.

    We act as one and offer each other unconditional support. We treat others with fairness and trust each other to keep our word. We are adventurous, open-minded and appreciate that our differences are part of what makes us great.

    We are sincere, ask for help when we need it, admit to our mistakes, and work to put things right. We don’t make false friends and we mean what we say.

  • We do what is right not just what is expected

    We value our co-workers’ time and effort, and so we always offer our best work, first time. We build open and honest relationships through communicating.

    Together we celebrate each other’s successes with understated pride. We give credit where it’s due, celebrate diversity and critique ideas, not people. We take personal responsibility for achieving our objectives.

    We act professionally and with conviction in our words and actions.

  • We see things through our customers’ eyes

    Our customers are our host employers.

    We are accountable for the actions we take to create positive and memorable customer experiences, just as our customers expect us to be accountable to their needs.

    We approach customer interactions with both physical and mental energy in a way that shows optimism, usefulness and authenticity.

    When problems arise we think about things from the customer’s perspective. We act quickly and without blame to resolve issues, find compromise, and create solutions. We work hard at earning our customers' trust and loyalty.

  • We keep each other safe

    Safety is at the heart of our business and shapes the decisions we make.

    We talk meaningfully about safe practices and attitudes at every level of the organisation. We give clarity and context to work health and safety to ensure it stays relevant in each of our roles.

    For us, safety is not just “ticking a box”. We personalise safety outcomes and intimately understand our role in preventing and eliminating risks and hazards, every day. We keep ourselves, each other, our apprentices, trainees and customers safe.