Australian Traineeships

Australian Traineeships in Queensland, NSW, Victoria and WA

Australian Traineeships are opportunities to earn an income while gaining a nationally recognised Certificate in a range of vocational areas.

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Upon successful completion of a traineeship you will be qualified with a certain level of Certificate in your chosen vocational area. (For information on other qualifications, see the Australian Apprenticeships or School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships section).

As a trainee, you are indentured into a traineeship for a typical duration of 12 months full-time or 24 months part-time, depending on the traineeship field. During your traineeship, you work on specific units of theory competency as per your Training Plan with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), such as a TAFE college or institute. In most cases, your theory component of the traineeship is completed via competency books in your own time or work time upon approval of your Host Company.


Finding a traineeship

You can find a traineeship in a number of ways:

  • Via a GTO (Group Training Organisation); a GTO advertises available traineeships, employs trainees and places them with Host Companies to complete their training. GTOs manage the traineeship, including WH&S, payroll, HR and support.

MIGAS is a registered GTO.

A successful applicant will be employed by MIGAS and placed with a Host Company to complete on-the-job training. Off-the-job training is completed during the traineeship either on-the-job or in your own time (depending on your Host Company requirements) via competency books provided by a RTO (Registered Training Organisation), more commonly known as TAFE.

Check for current MIGAS traineeship vacancies. If your preferred trade/field is not available, register your interest and we will call you when a suitable position becomes available.

  • Via an Australian Apprentice Support Network (AASN); 
  • Via an online job search portal such as SEEK; you will need to monitor the positions that become available on the job search portal and contact the GTOs, AAC or hiring businesses to apply.
  • Directly through a hiring business; you will need to keep an eye on the business’s job vacancy section of their website to search for traineeships. If you have contact with a business that does not have experience hiring trainees, refer them to MIGAS to manage the administration and logistics of the traineeship.


The next step

If you are successful in an application with MIGAS, you will be employed by MIGAS and placed with a business (Host Company) where you will complete your on-the-job training.

The benefits of being employed in a traineeship by MIGAS are:

  • We take care of all paperwork for you and make it as simple as possible to commence and complete your traineeship
  • We conduct a full comprehensive Induction prior to your commencement at your Host Company, which also includes a large section on safety
  • We organise your theory training through TAFE and ensure you have the correct materials
  • We take an active role in your training to help you achieve the best result possible
  • If productivity is low or if there is a down turn of work at your Host Company and they can’t keep you on, we can assist you in finding a replacement Host Company to continue your traineeship with little to no lost time
  • We provide you with mentoring and support on all matters to do with your traineeship and employment, not only in the workplace but in your home life too
  • We make sure you are up-to-date with your training and remind you when important things are due, for example: timesheets, so you get paid on time!



Upon completion of your traineeship, you may have the opportunity to:

  • apply for permanent employment with your Host Company
  • embark on an apprenticeship through MIGAS or another avenue;
  • apply for short- or long-term labour hire through MIGAS;
  • find employment with a different business; or
  • take on further education.


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