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apprentice 5

Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Apprenticeships

Air-conditioning and Refrigeration mechanics assemble, install, service and repair industrial, commercial and domestic refrigeration and air-conditioning systems.
Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanics are currently on the National Skills Needs List.

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cabinet making apprenticeship thumb

Cabinet Making Apprenticeships

Cabinet Makers make, repair or install furniture (both free-standing and fixed) using solid timber, flat-panel or timber-based products and a wide range of laminates and other materials.
Cabinet Makers are currently on the National Skills Needs List.

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Carpentry Apprenticeships

Carpenters construct, erect, install and repair wooden and metal structures on both residential and commercial buildings.
Carpenters are currently on the National Skills Needs List.

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Construction Apprenticeships

A variety of trades contribute to the Construction Industry. Check out the opportunities you have for apprenticeships, traineeships and labour hire here.

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Diesel Fitting Apprenticeships

A Diesel Fitter will troubleshoot, diagnose, repair and maintain all types of heavy and light equipment that is used in the construction, agriculture and mining industries.

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Electrical Apprenticeships

Electricians install, maintain, repair and develop electrical and electronic equipment and systems for industrial, commercial and domestic purposes.
Electricians are currently on the National Skills Needs List.

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electrical instrumentation apprenticeships thumb

Electrical Instrument Apprenticeships

Instrumentation tradespeople install, modify, maintain and repair instruments and instrumentation used in measurement and control systems.
Instrumentation apprenticeships can be completed alongside an electrical apprenticeship as a dual trade.

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apprentice 7

Fitter and Turner Apprenticeships

Fitter and Turners fit and assemble parts made from metal and other materials to make production machinery, working from detailed drawings or specifications.
Fitter and Turners are currently on the National Skills Needs List.

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Mining Apprenticeships

The Mining Industry in Australia is a primary contributor to Australian economy, and offers a variety of career opportunities in a number of trade and service fields. You need to head here if you are interested in Mining Apprenticeships.

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apprentice 2

Moulding Apprenticeships

Moulders make sand moulds from which many kinds of metal objects are cast, ranging from truck wheels and bulldozer blades to door handles and water taps.

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painting apprenticeships thumb

Painting Apprenticeships

Painters apply paint, varnish, wallpaper and other finished to protect, maintain and decorate interior and exterior surfaces of buildings and other structures.

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apprentice 12

Panel Beating Apprenticeships

Panel Beaters repair damage to metal, plastic and fibreglass bodywork on vehicles, and make and form vehicle panels using machines and/or hand tools.
Panel Beaters are currently on the National Skills Needs List.

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apprentice 3

Pattern Making Apprenticeships

Patternmakers may plan, lay out and make mould patterns used in forming sand moulds for metal casting, tooling aids, models and formers for the plastics industry and models for architectural and scientific purposes.

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Plumbing CareerInformation thumb

Plumbing Apprenticeships

Plumbers install, repair and maintain piping systems in all building types, working primarily within the construction industry.
Plumbers are currently on the National Skills Needs List.

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apprentice 8

Printing Apprenticeships

Printers set up and operate lithographic, flexographic, gravure or letterpress printing presses, to produce a variety of printed products, including stationery, signs, greeting cards, books and newspapers.

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apprentice 4

Sheet Metal Apprenticeships

Sheet Metal workers may mark out, cut, shape and join sheet metal using hand and power tools, or assemble and install sheet metal products.
Sheet Metal workers are currently on the National Skills Needs list.

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apprentice 9

Tool Making Apprenticeships

Tool Makers may make and repair moulds, dies, jigs, fixtures, press tools and other special equipment used by manufacturers to produce parts for industrial machinery and most other manufactured articles.
Tool Makers are currently on the National Skills Needs List.

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apprentice 17

CAD Traineeships

CAD Trainees develop drawings and designs for new machinery and equipment as well as assembling and installing new or altered mechanical equipment.

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apprentice 18

IT Traineeships

IT Support Technicians provide technical advice and support to assist people in using computer software and hardware.

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apprentice 22

Warehousing Traineeships

Warehousing trainees will learn general warehouse duties such as housekeeping, stock maintenance and replenishment, order picking and forklift operation.

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