Labour Hire

Australian Labour Hire in Queensland, NSW, Victoria and WA

MIGAS offers Labour Hire work opportunities to qualified tradespeople, general labourers and out-of-work apprentices across Australia.

While employed by MIGAS as a Labour Hire worker in a casual employment contract, you will work onsite for a host company for both short and long term projects. MIGAS is dedicated to matching your skills and attributes to a quality Australian Industry company for both temporary and long term work.


How to find a labour hire contract

Labour Hire opportunities are constantly becoming available in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.

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The next steps

If you are successful in an application with MIGAS, you will be employed by MIGAS and hosted to a company where you will complete your short or long-term contract. MIGAS will:

  • Manage your paperwork
  • Provide you with boots, uniforms and basic PPE
  • Remind you when important things are due, for example: timesheets, so you get paid on time!
  • Offer you mentoring, HR advice and guidance during your contract with MIGAS
  • Organise a transfer of employment if the host company wishes to employ you directly after your contract with MIGAS


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