Workforce Diversity

MIGAS is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer. 

Equal Employment Opportunity
EEO exists when people are treated on their merits at every stage of the employment relationship.  This includes: selection and recruitment, promotion and transfer, training and development opportunities, retrenchment and redundancy.

EEO is about making sure that our workplaces are free from all forms of unlawful discrimination, harassment and bullying.  This means having workplace rules, policies, practices and behaviours that are fair and do not disadvantage people because they belong to particular groups.Equal Employment Opportunity Brochure

At MIGAS, all workers are valued and respected and have opportunities to develop their full potential to pursue a career path of their choice.  We actively encourage all companies and individuals to support EEO.

Download the Equal Employment Opportunity Worker Handout for more information or to use at your workplace. 

Indigenous Employment Programs
As part of the MIGAS Reconciliation Action Plan, MIGAS has developed an Indigenous Employment Strategy (IES) to increase opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.  We have developed new Indigenous Employment initiatives and have already successfully run a Pre-employment Program for Indigenous candidates, continually developing and growing these programs with industry needs.

Our IES aims to form respectful partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations, communities, families and individual people.  We understand the skills shortage trade needs and dedicate ourselves to ensuring we foster a safe and equitable environment, implementing innovative recruitment and retention strategies to make us the employer of choice for not only mainstream candidates but also non-traditional labour pools.

One of MIGAS' former Field Officers and a proud Torres Strait Island woman from the Koedal clan of Boigu Island, Teanna Ramsamy, speaks about closing the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous employment in Australia.  Read here >

Women in Trades
MIGAS recognises that women in the manufacturing, engineering and mining industries are very under-represented. See how we support women in trades >

Female MIGAS Apprentice | Amber Zinke

Multicultural Programs
MIGAS has developed Multicultural Programs in conjunction with Multicultural Development Association (MDA).  MIGAS recognised the need to supply the refugees from this organisation with Australian Standard Skill Training.  Many of the clients from MDA are trade qualified and many hold degrees in Engineering, IT and other areas.  Unfortunately these qualifications are not recognised in Australia, inhibiting these participants from gaining employment within their skills sets.  Under the Multicultural Program, MIGAS assists them with bridging pre-employment programs along with work experience and traineeship opportunities, giving these clients the entry level needed to work within their chosen field.  This also benefits skills shortages with trained and experienced staff.

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