We know that apprentices and trainees who are supported throughout their apprenticeship or traineeship are more likely to achieve completion, and get the most out of the journey.

MIGAS has over 30 years’ experience helping Australian apprentices and trainees secure work in their chosen trade, and we understand the importance of having every resource and benefit available to you to help you succeed. 

We have compiled a list of these potential benefits and assistance to help support your apprenticeship or traineeship (eligibility requirements/terms and conditions apply - always check with the provider directly).

Financial Assistance

  • Trade Support Loan (TSLs)

    The Australian Government provides apprentices financial assistance by providing access to apply for a Trade Support Loan (TSLS). A TSLS provides income-contingent loans of up to $21,542 to help support you through your apprenticeship.

    TSLS is borrowed over a four year period, starting with $718.07 per month in year one, $538.56 per month in year two, $359.04 per month in year three, and $179.52 per month in year four.

    Upon completion of your apprenticeship, a 20% discount is applied to the loan amount borrowed. You will start repaying your TSLS once you have reached the compulsory repayment threshold of $46,620. Repayments can be made through the income tax system.

    This is a fantastic way to kick start your trade career and takes the pressure off trying to find the money to purchase tools and other items you need to get started. Click on the link for more details.


  • Additional Identified Skills Shortage Payment Incentive

    If your trade falls in one of the following occupations, payments may be available to you as an Australian Apprentice from 1 July 2019. The following ten trades are experiencing national skills shortages:

    1. Carpenters and Joiners
    2. Plasterers
    3. Plumbers
    4. Bakers and Pastry Cooks
    5. Hairdressers
    6. Vehicle Painters
    7. Aircon Refrigeration and Mechanics
    8. Wall and Floor Tilers
    9. Bricklayers and Stonemasons
    10. Arborists.

    All of these can receive $1,000 at the 12 month point and an additional $1,000 at completion of your apprenticeship.


  • Low Income Health Care Card

    There is a range of different low income support available and one of these is the low income health care card. This card is available if you meet the low income criteria. Benefits include:

    • Cheaper medicines under the PBS
    • Training courses and educational fees for study at the RTO (Registered Training Organisation)
    • Health care costs, including ambulance, dental and eye care
    • Public transport costs
    • Water rates


    Click on the link to find out if you are eligible to receive the health care card


  • Youth Allowance, Austudy or ABSTUDY

    Any one or more of these payments are available to you as an Australian Apprentice if you meet the requirements. This will give you access to fortnightly payments delivered by Centrelink.

    • Youth Allowance for Australian Apprentices aged 16-24
    • Austudy for Australian Apprentices aged 25 and over
    • ABSTUDY for Australian Apprentices of any age and who are Indigenous Australians


    If you receive ABSTUDY you'll receive a Fares Allowance, one of the aged-based payments above, Rent Assistance and a Health Care Card for low income earners.

    Further information about these payments from the Department of Human Services can be found by calling 13 24 68 or at Rent assistance is available if you receive one of these payments from Centrelink Education Entry Payment, and a yearly payment will be given when you start to study and get certain income support.


  • NSW Smart and Skilled Program


    Fee-Free Apprenticeship and Trainee Training: NSW offers apprentices and trainees (including school based arrangements) student fees funded under the NSW Government's Smart and Skilled Program.

    Fee-Free Apprenticeships are a proven pathway to well paid jobs in a diverse range of careers. Fee-free means no more upfront training costs for students or employers.





  • Living Away from Home Allowance

    If you are an Australian Apprentice undertaking a Certificate II or higher level qualification, you may be eligible for the Living Away from  Home Allowance (LAFHA). This includes if you have to move away from your parent/guardian's home for the first time to commence or remain in an Australian Apprenticeship, or are homeless.

    LAFHA can provide you with up to $77.17 per week for the first 12 months and $38.59 during your second year. The further 12 months in the third year is $25 per week.


  • ETAX

    Many items can be claimed at tax time and it's important to know what they are so you can get the maximum return. Depending on what industry your trade is in, you maybe able to claim for all or some of the following:

    • Clothing and protective items
    • Sunscreen and sun protection
    • Cleaning and laundry
    • Tools and equipment
    • Mobile phone expenses
    • Car and vehicle tax deductions
    • Self education expenses



  • NSW Motor Registration

    (NSW residents only)

    If you live in NSW, you can apply for a vehicle registration rebate if enrolled as an apprentice. A rebate of $100 to assist with the cost of registering your motor vehicle is available in the first and second years of your apprenticeship.


  • VIC Trade Apprentice Registration

    (Vic residents only)

    A trade apprentice discount can be used to get 50% off your next car registration fee (including the TAC charge), if you're using your own car, ute or van for approved work purposes, or are regularly using it to get to and from work between 8.30pm and 5.30am, and the vehicle does not exceed 4.5 tonnes GVM.

    To be eligible, you must have a Victorian driver's licence and have received your registration renewal notice. L drivers, expired/cancelled or suspended licences, or a vehicle registered in someone else's name are not eligible, or if you already have a vehicle receiving a discount.



Travel allowances

  • NSW Transport Allowance OPAL CARD

    (NSW residents only)

    If you live in NSW, you are entitled to receive a Transport Concession Entitlement Card. This card is an Opal concession card and provides discounted fares on NSW government trains, buses, most ferries and light rail within the Opal network, Sydney and surrounding areas. 


  • NSW VTAS - Travel and Accommodation Allowance

    (NSW Residents Only)

    If you are an apprentice or new entrant trainee who is required to travel more than 120km round trip to attend day- or block-release training with your RTO (Registered Training Organisation), you maybe eligible for the Vocational Training Assistance Scheme (VTAS).

    There is also CAPS available for any relocation and rental expenses for unemployed apprentices or new entrant trainees who are required to relocate more than 60km in order to continue their apprenticeship or traineeship with a new employer.



    (QLD residents only)

    If you live in QLD, a travel and accommodation subsidy may be available to you which applies to apprentices and trainees excluding school-based. The subsidy is provided through DESBT (Department of Employment, Small Business and Training) and claims can be submitted to the Department within six months of completion of the training block or the attendance period for which you're claiming.

    To apply, you must be registered in QLD and travel at least 100kms return (by direct route) to your training organisation from your usual place of residence. You will be required to attend the closest training organisation able to deliver training to your relevant qualification.


  • VIC Youth Central

    (VIC residents only)

    If you're a student in Victoria, you can receive discounts and concessions on a range of products and services including public transport, event tickets and health care.

    Other discounts include airfares, books, transport, computers and software, car registration, medical and dental costs, and movie and club memberships.


  • QLD Translink

    (QLD residents only)

    If you live in QLD, Translink offers a student concession TransLink card for all public transport. 


  • WA Travel and Accommodation Allowance


    If you live in WA, financial assistance is provided to contribute towards the travel and accommodation costs of eligible apprentices required to attend off-the-job training. An eligible apprentice is entitled to claim the following based on the round trip distance travelled to the closest training provider:

    • Fewer than 71 kilometres - no assistance
    • Between 71 and 199 kilometres - travel allowance only
    • 200 kilometres or more - travel and accommodation allowance



  • SA Travel and Accommodation Allowance


    If you live and travel more than 150km to get to and from your closest approved training provider, the state government may contribute towards some of your travel and accommodation costs. 





  • Jimy Tools

    The Jimy Tools Apprentice Program (Aussie Apprentice Appreciation or "Triple-A" program for short) provides apprentices with the opportunity to purchase high quality career spanning Jimy Tool Kits and receive two rewards:

    1. 15% bonus stock when you receive your tool kit
    2. 20% off Jimy Tools ordered in store or online for your entire career

    Once you place an order, you are contacted to submit a proof of apprenticeship documentation. Once they are approved, you will need to send a photo with your thumbs up for a one time only coupon code which is redeemable online for 15% off bonus stock.


  • Sidchrome

    Sidchrome offers a range of Apprentice Tool Kits and all you will need is proof of apprenticeship documentation to redeem. Depending on the purchase, you may also receive a free bonus tool. 


  • Blackwoods

    Kickstart your apprenticeship and jump online to see what great deals you are eligible for from Blackwoods. 


  • Collins Tools and Welding Supplies

    Collins Tools and Welding Supplies prides itself on being a great supporter of Australian's next generation of tradies. Whether it's a beginner's kit, toolbox or safety gear, they are a one stop shop. Simply produce proof of your apprenticeship to receive special apprentice pricing on every purchase.

    Items include: Sidchrome, Kincrome, KC tools, safety, gas, welding equipment, workshop and machinery equipment, power tools, cutting tools, air tools, adhesives, cleaners and marketing products, tool kits, and abrasive suppliers.


Benefits, Discounts and Bonuses

  • NSW Adult Apprentice with Disability Incentives


    This scholarship with a potential incentive of up to $15,000 was launched in 2014 to assist apprentices who have experienced hardship in their life to successfully complete their apprenticeship. Speak to your MIGAS Field Officer to see if your circumstances allow you to be eligible.


  • NSW Adult Apprentice Bert Evans Apprentice Scholarships

    (NSW residents only)

    This scholarship was launched in 2014 to assist apprentices who have experienced hardship in their life to successfully complete their apprenticeship. Speak to your Field Officer to see if your circumstances allow you to be eligible. The scholarship offers a potential incentive of up to $15,000.

    Each year a large number of scholarships are granted and will include those for Indigenous Apprentices, and up to five who have completed their apprenticeship, and up to five who have completed one of the fit for work programs under the NSW Police Commissioner’s RISEUP Strategy.


  • WA Skillstone TV


    WA Students and Apprentices have plenty of benefits to reap on this site. Not only is it a link to Student Edge, full of information and discounts, but it also showcases hundreds of videos about getting a trade or skill in a diverse range of industries. 


  • NSW The Way Ahead Program for Aboriginal People


    This program is a free service for Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander apprentices and trainees who need additional support in the workplace. The program focuses on providing workplace mentoring, improving access to employment and training, and creating business opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 


  • Student Edge

    Student Edge is the largest member-based organisation of the high school, TAFE, VET and university students in Australia. It works to bring together the latest news, best discounts, free online competitions, paid surveys, job listings, study material, fun-filled forums and more.

    Student Edge has an app called "Student Edge - The App" that has coupons, promo codes, free offerings like Office 365 for students, up to $500 off selected Apple products, Uber and Uber Eats discounts, Spotify, Woolworths and other food chains. Look under "Deals" and search by state to see what discounts and freebies are available.




    TAFE QLD offers support platforms as follows:

    1. Learning support for assignments, essay writing and referencing, study skills and exam preparation, English and math, time management and organisation skill. In some locations, class support and workshops and tutorials may be available.
    2. Studiosity, mental health and wellbeing, counselling, access ability support, Indigenous student support, international student support and career and employment services.



  • Oz Studies

    Top 24 student discounts in Australia are available through Oz Studies and all you need is your student ID card to obtain a range of discounts across different industries. 



Discounts in Retail Stores

This information is subject to change so always check the source for the latest details, specific terms and conditions and eligibility requirements. 

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