Safe Work Host Award October 2015

AustubeMills geoffdorelle

Congratulations to Austube Mills in Acacia Ridge, who have been awarded the Safe Work Host Award for the month of October.

"Austube Mills have a very effective safety system in place, which has dramatically reduced the number of workplace incidents since its implementation.  All employees are required to complete Take 2s and risk assessments prior to commencing tasks and must have a 'buddy' sign off on it. The risk assessment process identifies high risk work and what permits are required.  There have been serious incidents in the past, which made them to review their existing systems and make the changes.

The supervisors I spoke to were very passionate about safety and were able to clearly explain the systems to me. The apprentices also described the safety processes they undertake each day and all agreed it was all about getting through the day with no incidents and getting home safe.

Walking around the site it is evident that the safety culture is very positive, this is why I would like to congratulate Austube Mills as our Safe Work Month Host winner." - Kris Medcraft, MIGAS Workplace Health & Safety Field Officer.

Pictured: Austube Mills Maintenance Supervisor, Geoff Mills and MIGAS Field Officer, Dorelle Bot

Published 16 November 2015