Warehousing Traineeships

Warehousing traineeships are applicable for a role in general warehouse duties such as housekeeping, receipting, stock locating, stock maintenance, stock replenishment, forklift operation, order picking, packaging, stocktaking and reconciliation and order checking and dispatch.

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It also involves known routines, methods and procedures where some discretion and judgment is required in the selection of equipment, services or contingency measures.

Qualifications in the Warehousing/Transport and Logistics Industry:

Certificate III in Warehousing Operations
Certificate III in Logistics

A Warehousing trainee may perform the following tasks:

  • unload goods and check them against order forms;
  • catalogue or label items with storage details;
  • place goods in bins and on racks, or stack bulky items on floors;
  • complete orders by selecting goods from shelves and checking them off appropriate lists;
  • package and send out completed orders to customers;
  • may move heavy packages using forklift machinery;
  • obtain details of the location and quantity of items in stock, using visual display units or computers;
  • enter details of received delivery slips, requisitions and invoices into computers;
  • count and record the number of items in store during stocktaking;
  • advise supervisor on stock and reordering levels; and
  • help keep the work area neat and tidy.

The trainee may work in a large distribution centre, retail or wholesale warehouse to a storeroom in an engineering workshop.  They may deal with external customers, suppliers and truck drivers.  The work is physical and may require long periods of standing.

Additional information
Warehousing traineeships are offered as a Certificate III for 24 months full time, with training provided on the job.

Personal requirements

  • Interested in practical work
  • Good eyesight
  • Physically fit
  • Good with numbers
  • Some computer skills may be required
  • Safety conscious
  • Organisation skills