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How to Use AI to Optimise Your Tradie Business

How to Use AI to Optimise Your Tradie Business

Tradespeople aren’t under threat. That’s the good news – however change is afoot.

AI isn't going to replace conduit installation, differential rebuilds, or complex pipe soldering anytime soon.

But AI is transforming the industry.

From optimising energy usage in smart buildings to streamlining route planning for service calls and enhancing safety monitoring on job sites, AI is making trade businesses more efficient and putting more wealth in the pockets of hard-working Australians.


  • AI will enhance, not replace, skilled trades
  • AI can help to improve your trade business’ efficiency
  • AI tools can help with scheduling, customer service, finance, and marketing
  • We recommend a range of tools that use AI

What is AI for Trade Businesses?

Quick refresher. At its core, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence processes by computer systems. These processes include learning, reasoning, and self-correction.

AI's capabilities range from simple automation of repetitive tasks (like customer bookings) to complex decision-making processes (like job site safety checks) that can transform trade business operations.

In a sector where time is of the essence and precision a necessity, AI can help.

Which AI Tools Best Save Resources?

We all know we only have so much time, energy, and money. We need to use them carefully to reach our goals.

AI is the same. There are lots and lots of AI tools we can use, but first, we need to think about what we want these tools to help us with.

Here’s where we would recommend you start:

1. Fix Your Scheduling Headaches: First, we suggest you utilise AI-driven tools to efficiently schedule and dispatch jobs. These systems analyse travel times, worker availability, and skill sets to optimise job assignments and routes, increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

2. Fix Your Customer Relationships: Use AI to analyse customer data and interactions. This enhances customer relationship management by personalising services, predicting customer needs, and improving the overall customer experience.

3. Fix Your Financial Planning: Apply AI in financial management for effective budgeting and forecasting. AI tools help identify areas for cost reduction and detect anomalies in financial transactions, reducing the risk of fraud.

4. Fix Your Online Marketing: Leverage AI for your digital marketing efforts. This includes optimising your website for search engines, automating social media posts, and tailoring marketing strategies based on online customer behaviour.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) can really help a tradie business. It can help plan out jobs and schedules smartly, so everyone knows what to do and when. It's also great for keeping customers happy because it can remember what they need and like.

AI is like a super helper that makes everyone's work better.

Tools with AI for Trade Businesses

All of these business tools utilise AI and machine learning to help solve your business problems.

1. Fix Your Scheduling Headaches

  • Deputy: More suited for teams with multiple employees. Great for managing complex rosters, especially useful if you have an admin person scheduling for several tradespeople. Might be more than a solo tradesperson needs.
  • GeoOp: A good fit for both solo tradespeople and teams. Helps efficiently manage job assignments and routes, beneficial for a single tradesperson or an admin coordinating multiple jobs.
  • ServiceM8: Suitable for both individual tradespeople and teams. User-friendly and helps manage jobs from quote to invoice, ideal for a solo tradesperson. Dispatching features are useful for teams.

2. Fix Your Customer Relationships

  • Insightly: A user-friendly CRM ideal for small businesses, focusing on managing customer interactions and project management.
  • Capsule: Simple yet effective CRM software for tracking your customers and sales pipeline.
  • Pipedrive: A sales-focused CRM tool that's easy to use, helping small businesses manage leads and deals efficiently.

3. Fix Your Financial Planning

  • Xero: Great for both solo tradespeople and teams. Simplifies accounting, easily managed by an individual, and offers depth for a team.
  • MYOB: A bit more complex, possibly better suited for a team. It is still accessible for a solo tradesperson needing comprehensive financial management.
  • QuickBooks: Suitable for both individuals and teams. User-friendly with a range of features beneficial for a solo tradesperson and robust enough for a team.

4. Fix Your Online Marketing

  • Google Analytics: Essential for any business size. It is straightforward for a solo tradesperson to gain website insights and valuable for a team.
  • Hootsuite: Useful for both individuals and teams. Efficient social media management for a solo tradesperson and great for teams with an admin.
  • Ubersuggest: You could consider a tool like this to improve your website so more customers can find you.

Key Takeaways

1. AI is an Ally, Not a Replacement: AI will not replace skilled trades like conduit installation, differential rebuilds, or complex pipe soldering. Instead, it's transforming the industry by making trade businesses more efficient and profitable.

2. AI's Broad Range of Applications: Its applications range from automating repetitive tasks like customer bookings to more complex decision-making processes like job site safety checks.

3. AI Enhances Efficiency and Precision: AI tools can optimise scheduling, improve customer relationships, assist in financial planning, and enhance online marketing efforts.

4. Specific AI Tools for Trade Businesses: The article lists specific AI tools that can help tradespeople, including Deputy for scheduling, Insightly for customer relationship management, Xero for financial planning, and Google Analytics for online marketing. These tools are tailored to different needs, from solo tradespeople to larger teams.

5. AI as a Strategic Business Helper: AI can plan jobs and schedules, keep customers satisfied by understanding their needs, and improve your business's workflow and efficiency.

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Published 20/11/2023

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