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What Trade Jobs Will Boom in 2024?

What Trade Jobs Will Boom in 2024

Australia's job market is constantly changing because of new technologies, shifts in the population, and the fast-paced nature of many trade businesses.

As 2024 gets closer, it's essential to understand the skills in high demand in Australia's employment market.

Australia's Money Future – What to Expect in 2024

There are several bright spots for business owners and workers in Australia's economy in the near future.

The expected rise in unemployment could give businesses a more extensive range of highly qualified individuals to choose from, making hiring skilled people easier.

The drop in inflation is another bright spot. It will likely ease cost pressures on businesses and make it easier for them to manage operational costs.

Plus, the expected rise in GDP and the resurgence of travel could make it easier for businesses to grow, especially in the export and travel industries, allowing businesses to reach new markets and customer bases.

What's Trending in 2024? The Future of Trade Jobs

Building Green and Clean: The Eco-Friendly Construction Boom

  • The construction business has grown steadily over the past 20 years and is a key part of Australia's economic growth. According to Labour Market Insights (LMI), this area will increase by 6.8% by 2025
  • Yet, 16.8% of the country's total annual waste is attributed to the construction industry
  • Despite more than 76% of construction waste being recycled, a large amount still goes to landfill
  • More and more commercial and residential consumers want to prioritise sustainability and buildings that are good for the environment
  • As Australia's cities continue to grow, there will be an increasing need for skilled tradespeople who know how to combine traditional building methods with green ones, including “green” electricians, plumbers, and carpenters

The Green Energy Wave: Harnessing Australia's Natural Potential

  • Australia is a world leader in green energy because of its location, which gives it access to wind, solar, and geothermal energy
  • Seeing this promise, the Australian government has budgeted $40 billion to transform our relationship with renewable energy, which is a good sign for jobs in green energy
  • Skilled people will be at the heart of this change – Apprenticeships will be important because they will ensure a steady flow of talent to meet the rising needs of the industry, including renewable energy electricians, mechanics and more

Modern Twists to Traditional Trades: The Digital Revolution in Trades

  • Innovation isn't just happening in technological fields; it's also changing traditional trades
  • Digitalisation has changed how tradies talk to clients, handle work orders, and do their jobs
    • SMS makes it easier to talk to people before a job
    • GPS makes sure that customers know exactly when an expert will arrive
    • Video technology lets them talk to a network of workers in real-time and ask for advice ensuring problems are solved quickly, reducing the need for repeated site trips
  • Example: A NSW mine opened near vineyards, causing concern among farmers. Yet the environmental monitoring required by the mine provided satellite imaging for assessing soil quality, subsidence, and water drainage. This knowledge led to higher-quality grape varieties and increased profits for farmers and wine producers. Technology can make traditional trades better.

Real Work, Not Just Books: The Value of Apprentices

Apprenticeships have been used for several decades because it is a unique way to learn theory and practical skills. Apprenticeships differ from most university degrees because they put people in real-world work situations.

By training alongside experienced supervisors, apprentices learn the ins and outs of their trade, from the best ways to do tasks to common problems they might face. This two-pronged method ensures that apprentices not only learn the theory behind their job but also the skills they need to do really well in it.

If you’re interested in hiring an apprentice, learn more here.

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Published 09/10/2023

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