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If you are currently at school and wondering what you are going to do when you graduate, or you’re looking for a change in career direction, you may find an apprenticeship or traineeship is just what you are looking for. Not only will gain valuable skills and practical experience, you’ll become a fully qualified and sought-after tradesperson with huge career potential.  

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Current Jobs

Mechanical Machinery Apprenticeships

Hunter Valley, NSW | JOB ID 6342

Seeking candidates for a Mechanical Apprenticeship in Newcastle. Collaborate with leading industry partners and build a prosperous Mechanic career - Apply now

Metal and Engineering Trades Apprenticeships

Hunter Valley, NSW | JOB ID 6344

Kick start your career with an Engineering Trades Apprenticeship in Newcastle and partner with top industry brands. Full-time role with competitive benefits - Apply today

Mechanical Apprenticeships

Sydney, NSW | JOB ID 6345

Begin a Mechanical Apprenticeship in Sydney with top industry partners. Enjoy extensive benefits, hands-on training and dedicated mentoring - Apply today

Expression of Interest - Mechanical Fitter and Turner Apprenticeships

Sydney, NSW | JOB ID 6266

Expression of Interest for those seeking a Mechanical Fitter & Turner Apprenticeship in the Western Sydney Region

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Apprenticeships

Hunter Valley, NSW | JOB ID 6343

Seeking candidates for an apprenticeship in Newcastle to join top industry brands and pave the way for a successful electrician career

Business Traineeship

Hunter Valley, NSW | JOB ID 6381

Discover your potential in the business sector with an engaging Business Traineeship

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Apprenticeships

Sydney, NSW | JOB ID 6346

Build a successful Electrician career with an apprenticeship. Get comprehensive benefits, training, and mentorship - Join now

2nd to 4th year Security Systems Apprenticeship

Bowen Hills, QLD | JOB ID 6401

Work with a global leader that can fast-track your career as a Security Systems Apprentice in the constantly evolving technology industry

Business Traineeship

Sydney, NSW | JOB ID 6377

Get your start in business with a 12-month paid traineeship and earn a nationally accredited qualification

Why you should choose MIGAS

By completing your apprenticeship through MIGAS, you will have access to:

  • A dedicated field officer to support you both professionally and personally throughout your training
  • A reliable payment system, making sure you are always paid on time
  • Uniforms and Personal Protective Equipment to suit your apprenticeship
  • The potential to be selected for our annual Mi-Scholarship awards which recognise the hard work put into their trade by our top-performers; winners receive a combination of a cash prize and additional professional development

Additional benefits of completing an apprenticeship or traineeship

  • Earn while you learn – you’ll be paid while you work on the job with your host employer
  • Develop transferable skills – your practical training complements the nationally recognised qualification you’ll complete, which is a skill-set you can take anywhere, even internationally
  • Sought-after career prospects – becoming a skilled tradesperson can open doors to management and leadership roles, or owning your own business
  • No HEC debts – most apprenticeships are fully funded by the Government


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