2015 Summer of Trades

25 February 2015

MIGAS Summer of Trades

Over the past Summer months, MIGAS has spotlighted the most popular trades and industries out there for Australian Apprenticeships right now, and shared valuable qualification information and job opportunities on the MIGAS Facebook.

In case you missed out on this activity, here are the Summer of Trades highlights of the season this year:

Air-conditioning and Refrigeration

Week 1 Air-conditioning and Refrigeration

A career in Air-conditioning and Refrigeration can be a very rewarding one in an industry that will never slow down.

Click here for current Air-conditioning and Refrigeration job opportunities >

Information on Australian Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Apprenticeships.

MIGAS Workforce Development Partner and Host Company Allstaff Airconditioning are looking to bring their apprentice numbers up to ten, in support of the 100JOBS campaign. Read more about how they're helping Australian industry here.

Here's what an Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic actually does.

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning, and is so important in Australia, it's made it onto the Skills Need List. Read more about HVAC (and dual trading options!) here.


Week 2 Electrical

Click here for current Electrical job opportunities >

Information on Australian Electrical Apprenticeships.

Want to know where an Electrical Apprenticeship can take you? Two MIGAS alumni in Brisbane started at the bottom in their Australian Electrical Apprenticeships to now own a flourishing business employing their own apprentices. Our Summer of Trades spotlight on the Electrical trade couldn't be represented any better. Click here to read their story.

We want to share this wonderful story of two brothers completing the same Dual Trade Electrical Apprenticeship at the same Host Company, 10 years apart. Read more.


Week 3 Mechanical

Click here for current Mechanical job opportunities >

Information on Australian Mechanical Fitting and Turning Apprenticeships.

Fitting and Turning is one of the trades that fall under the Mechanical Industry. What does a Fitter and Turner do? Find out here.

Long-standing MIGAS Host Company Hedweld took on seven new MIGAS apprentices (including two Mechanical Engineering Apprentices!) in their Hunter Valley operations, and were featured in a local newspaper during our Mechanical Summer of Trades week. Check out the new recruits and their trades! Read the full article here.


Week 4 Fabrication

Keen on a Boilermaking Apprenticeship? Moulding? Sheet Metal? Pattern Making? Tool Making? All of these any more contribute to the Fabrication Industry.

Click here for current Fabrication job opportunities >

Information on Australian Boilermaking Apprenticeships.

Not sure what Boilermakers do? Interested in a Boilermaking Apprenticeship? You NEED to read this.

Meet Robert: our 2nd year Boilermaking Apprentice who laid out a day in his life for us. We loved reading this!

Interested in other Fabrication trades? Read up on Moulding ApprenticeshipsSheet Metal Apprenticeships, or Pattern Making Apprenticeships.


Week 5 Construction

There are many trades that fall under the Construction Industry, including Carpentry, Cabinet Making, Civil Construction, Plumbing, Bricklaying, Concreting, Rendering... even the Electrical and Air-con. & Refrigeration trades!

Click here for current Construction job opportunities >

Check out information on Australian Construction Apprenticeships.

Jack Rossington is one of our past award-winning apprentices in the Construction Industry; a clear example of a hard-working apprentice achieving success in his rewarding industry. Read his story here and see what else he has won... amazing.

Did you know MIGAS has been working with MATES in Construction to focus on Suicide Prevention and Identification in the Construction Industry for our Australian Apprentices? Here's the full story and a 24/7 helpline number.

Did you know that Bricklaying is an apprenticeship? And a rewarding one at that! The Construction Industry is booming and Bricklaying is a very valuable trade with a wide range of experiences. Read why here, and check out current Bricklaying positions available now.


Week 6 Automotive

Click here for current Light Vehicle Automotive job opportunities >

Check out all the information you need on Australian Light Vehicle Automotive Apprenticeships.

Click here for current Heavy Vehicle Automotive job opportunities >

See also information on Australian Heavy Vehicle Automotive Apprenticeships.

MIGAS works with some large automotive companies around Australia, supporting Australian Apprentices in the trades. Long-term MIGAS host company, IVECO, recently pledged to continue creating opportunities for school leavers in Sydney. Read the article here.

Long-standing MIGAS Host Company Action Auto Group were featured in local Queensland newspapers for their dedication to training in Industry and Australian Apprentices! Read the article here.

Meet apprentice Josh Holton. Josh is a MIGAS Light Vehicle Auto Apprentice in Sydney, and he stopped by last year to give us an insight into the pros and cons of Light Vehicle Automotive Apprenticeships. Read his insight here.


Week 7 Horticulture

Click here for current Horticulture job opportunities >

Check out information on Australian Horticulture Apprenticeships and Traineeships.

Have you been interested in a career working with plants, trees and flowers, but weren't exactly sure of your options or what would be involved? Perhaps the career path of a Horticulturalist is the one for you? Find out what a Horticulturalist does and how to become one.


We hope you have found the information you needed out of our Summer of Trades industry spotlights! There's plenty more trade qualification information on the website in the Career Information Centre.

You can also check out all current job vacancies available now here >

And, whether you are a job seeker or currently employed, this advice is a must-read.

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