2015 Victoria MIGAS Awards Night

2015 Victoria Apprentice and Host Awards - MIGAS

The MIGAS Annual Awards Nights celebrate the commitment and dedication of our Australian Apprentices, Trainees and Host Employers, and this year we hosted an event in Melbourne, Victoria for the first time.

We are delighted to partner with a number of Melbourne businesses in support of a very high calibre of apprentices and trainees in the region, so it was with great honour that we introduce an Awards event specifically to recognise both.

MIGAS are pleased to announce the winners of the Victoria Awards Night.

Outstanding Apprentice

Christopher Walsh
3rd year Adult Apprentice with Allstaff Airconditioning
Certificate III in Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning

Kerry Neame, Operations Manager for Allstaff Airconditioning, has said, “Chris shows outstanding drive and has from the first days of his employment. He has worked his way from being a 1st year apprentice to being the apprentice of choice for all of our 25 techs. Chris, now in his second year, is part of the chiller team and regularly services equipment under supervision on his own."

Victoria Apprentice of the Year

MIGAS VIC Apprentice of the Year - Daniel Van Dyke

Daniel Van Dyke
4th year Apprentice with Johnson Controls
Certificate III in Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning

Peter Ferguson, State Manager for Johnson Controls, has said, “Daniel's enthusiasm, knowledge and willingness to support the team is recognised across the business. The feedback from his tradesmen and direct managers has been that Daniel is exceeding all expectations and has a big future in our organisation and industry. All tradesmen who work with Daniel have trust in his work and highlight how he will be a great fit to the team once he is qualified. With the written and verbal communication skills, punctuality and contractual awareness, Daniel is showing that he has key attributes of a manager, if that is his desired career path.”

The VIC Apprentice of the Year, Daniel, will be flown to Brisbane to compete in the National Awards Night to be held on the 24th July (in conjunction with the Queensland State Awards event). Daniel will compete against the Western Australia, New South Wales and Queensland Apprentices of the Year for the title of National Apprentice of the Year.

MIGAS also recognised and celebrated the important relationships we have with a number of host companies in Victoria. The Awards Night included the following award winners:

Victoria Safe Host of the Year

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls go above and beyond to ensure the safety of the MIGAS apprentices, and indeed, all staff that are onsite. All employees are required to undertake SafeStart training within the first 3 months of employment, an innovative system which seeks to prevent human error on the worksite and teaches behavioural based safety techniques. Over the past 12 months, Johnson Controls has continued with their commitment towards safety, by providing a strong support structure that suits each MIGAS apprentice’s individual needs and circumstances.

Victoria Host Employer of the Year

Allstaff Airconditioning

Allstaff Airconditioning

Allstaff Airconditioning provide an exceptionally high level of mentoring and support to MIGAS Apprentices through active involvement in Performance Appraisals and their commitment to providing consistent coaching to the MIGAS apprentices. Allstaff Airconditioning are dedicated to creating quality tradespeople, ensuring the apprentices are trained in up to date industry technologies to guarantee their staff are the best in the industry.

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Published 11 June 2015