2016 Apprenticeships in Demand

2016 Apprenticeships in the New Year

As we approach the end of school it can be easy to become overwhelmed with the career options you might be facing now, so we've done the research for you and laid out the apprenticeships that will be in demand in 2016.

At MIGAS we’re big advocates for traditional trade training, but even there the options are seemingly endless. Luckily, the Australian Government has done a bit of the leg work for us already by developing a National Skills Needs List. This list identifies traditional trades that are categorised as experiencing a national skills shortage – that means there’s not enough people qualified and in training to fill the jobs available and projected for the future. The list is based on detailed labour market research and analysis, and could be viewed as a starting point for job stability – these careers aren’t dying out, they’re in dire need! This could be a good place to start looking for your future career, or to gain inspiration for a trade you may not have thought of.

We've narrowed it down for you. Here’s a few of our favourites:

Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration

Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanics assemble, install, service and repair industrial, commercial and domestic air-conditioning units and refrigerators. This can be in homes, offices, shops, restaurants, hospitals or supermarkets; the scope of work (particularly in a hot climate like ours!) is pretty endless.

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Electricians are responsible for designing, installing and repairing electrical wiring systems. A popular and highly skilled trade, electricians can work in homes, commercial or industrial buildings or even on machines and equipment. This is another trade with endless scope, both in Australia and around the world.

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Fitting and Turning

Fitter and Turners manufacture, assemble and fit components for machinery, within finite accuracies. Highly skilled and creative, fitting and turning tradespeople can work on any kind of machinery, making them extremely sought after.

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Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal workers design, fabricate, install and repair sheet metal products; think trailers, industrial ovens, cooling and ventilation systems as well as drainage and roofing. The sky is the limit with this one!

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Welding (First Class)

In the same fabrication family as Boilermakers and Sheet metal workers, First Class Welders cut, shape, join and solder metals together for large and small projects. This could be ships, buildings, trailers, and trucks, right down to phones, watches and furniture.

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Published 24 September 2015