Applications Flood in for Local Employer Hedweld

Applications Flood in for Local Employer Hedweld

Six apprenticeship positions with Hedweld have received more than 255 applications in just one week.

These applicants intend to start their careers with the leading Australian innovator Hedweld, a move that would help them get the most out of their training. These apprentices will learn their trade at the latest manufacturing facility in Mount Thorley, housing cutting edge CNC machinery and robotics.

In partnership with MIGAS Apprentices and Trainees, Hedweld has offered an annual apprenticeship intake for the past 12 years. The longstanding apprenticeship program has seen 51 graduates become highly skilled and sought-after tradespeople working locally and around the world.  

The successful applicants will join the organisation in December, alongside 11 current apprentices and trainees still progressing through their apprenticeship.

Hedweld has a long tradition of supporting local people to become trade qualified and has a desire to bridge the skills gap. Managing Director Mr Ian Hedley said local apprentices were vital to the workforce at Hedweld.

“This is a great way to give local people a solid grounding in Australia’s advanced manufacturing industry.  

“Through our commitment to training and development, we aim to provide the best possible platform for apprentices and trainees to reach their full potential.

“We see the beginning of an apprenticeship as the beginning of a long, satisfying and rewarding career that is underpinned with training and support of the highest calibre,” stated Mr Hedley.

These sentiments are echoed by Mr Craig Westwood, CEO MIGAS Apprentices and Trainees.

“The role Hedweld plays in continuing the development and upskilling of local Hunter community is vital to the region’s economic growth. It helps to maintain the manufacturing industry and the local community.

“The local economy benefits immensely from this, as good tradespeople means a strong industry, and a strong industry supports local businesses.”

“I’m not surprised by the number of applicants, Hedweld are a fantastic local employer who we’re proud to partner with and develop this hallmark apprenticeship scheme,” said Mr Westwood.

MIGAS, which has 30 years’ experience in skilled trade apprenticeships and traineeships, will be managing the recruitment, mentoring and training on behalf of Hedweld once the applicants are employed.

Six positions are available in Boilermaking, Electrical, Mechanical Fitting, Heavy Vehicle and Drafting.

Applications will close on Wednesday 10 October 2018.

Published 27 September 2018