Apprenticeship Interviews - What Do We Look For?

apprenticeship motivation

When applying for an Australian Apprenticeship with MIGAS there’s many things we look for in a candidate, including aptitude, knowledge of the industry, and Maths and English skills.

These form an important part of any candidate’s assessment, which are analysed through a series of pre-screening interviews and aptitude tests.

Once a recruiter has established the candidate has the appropriate skills and criteria for the job, the next thing we look for is MOTIVATION. A strong attitude towards work is the all-important factor our recruiters look for when choosing the right candidate for the job.

And here’s why:

In general, most Australian Apprenticeships are a minimum four-year commitment, which includes study blocks at TAFE. In your first year, you’ll be starting at the bottom, learning as you go and working on infamously low wages. As we know, the majority of cancellations occur within the first or second year of an apprenticeship. Staying motivated during this time is a huge factor in whether or not you’re going to complete your trade. Our recruiters are looking for evidence of this motivation at the time of the interview.

So how can you convey you’ve got what it takes to make it through the four years?

Think about what’s motivating you before the interview. Whatever this motivation is, whether it’s a love of cars and machinery, a love of working with your hands, a desire to earn the big bucks at the end, or own your own business one day, it doesn’t matter. As long as it’s true and honest and it excites you, it will let the recruiter know you have a passion. This is something that’s fairly difficult to fake; people with a genuine passion talk easily about the topic and they believe four years as an apprenticeship is no big deal because it’s what they really want to do.

So think about it; what do you really want to do? What’s motivating you to apply with MIGAS?

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Published 27 October 2015