Bengalla and MIGAS Apprentices Help Muswellbrook Family

MIGAS Apprentices worked to help renovate a home for a needing family in Muswellbrook, New South Wales, after some rather tragic and trying circumstances. The Apprentices are hosted to Bengalla, and assisted in the 2014 Bengalla Community Project along with a number of other locals.

The project was featured in the Muswellbrook Chronicle earlier this year.

Bengalla MIGAS Apprentices assisted in the project

Bengalla's Helping Hands

A MUSWELLBROOK family going through a tough time has received a helping hand from Bengalla Mine.

Thirteen apprentices and nine maintenance employees from Bengalla teamed up with the mine’s local suppliers to renovate the Ballards’ two-bedroom home.

The Ballards’ plans to better accommodate their three growing children and improve wheelchair access for the youngest child Jake, who has cerebral palsy, were put on hold when father Garry was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in 2009, tragically passing this year.

To give the family some assistance before Christmas, the Bengalla team installed ramps and handrails around the home and completed day-to-day maintenance and electrical tasks, replaced flooring and ceiling sheeting and blitzed the backyard.

Thank you to the following suppliers for their donations and support – Muswellbrook Steel Supplies, O’Brien Glass, Scott Collins Concreting, MMS engineering, CHC Solutions, Muswellbrook Electrical, MIGAS and Remondis.

SOURCE: Muswellbrook Chronicle

Published 29 April 2015