Blue Beacon of Hope at MIGAS in Chinchilla

Blue Beacon of Hope at MIGAS in Chinchilla

A bright blue monument to mental health has sprouted from the ground at the MIGAS Apprentices & Trainees office in the Western Downs of Queensland.

Our very own blue tree was unveiled in Chinchilla, part of the national Blue Tree Project which encourages people, communities and companies to paint a tree or stump in a very special shade of blue to spark conversations around mental health and prompt people to speak up. It’s a pop of colour in an unexpected place as a symbol that no one needs to battle mental illness alone.

The MIGAS blue tree is the 829th such installation in Australia, and the first in our network.

The Blue Tree Project was established to spread the message that “it’s ok not to be ok” and encourage those struggling with mental health concerns to speak up. The blue trees are a reminder as well as beacons of hope that no one is ever truly alone, and help is available if needed.

Official Blue Tree at the MIGAS Chinchilla office in the Western Downs

MIGAS is committed to the psychological safety of our employees and host employer network. We are proud to be a Silver Alliance Partner of TIACS, which helps provide free counselling support to blue collar workers and Australian Apprentices. TIACS, which stands for This is a Conversation Starter, seeks to remove the physical and financial barriers that may prevent workers from accessing the preventative mental health support they deserve.

Need a yarn? Call or text TIACS on 0488 846 988, Monday to Friday from 8am to 10pm AEST.

Last week the MIGAS team welcomed R U OK? Ambassador, Anita Hogan, to share her story and career background in preparation for R U OK Day on 8 September. It was a valuable session to ensure we are prepared for and remember to check in with friends, family and colleagues and ask how they are going.

R U OK Day is a reminder of the importance of how a simple conversation can help those around us – and that every day is a good day to ask the question.

R U OK Ambassador Anita Hogan and members of the MIGAS Brisbane team

R U OK Ambassador Anita Hogan and members of the MIGAS Brisbane team

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Published 15 August 2022