Business Administration Traineeship a Fresh Start


We have long heralded the benefits of apprenticeships and traineeships in acting as a stepping stone for young Australians to begin or further their careers.

Tammy Beasley, a 25 year old business administration trainee from Brisbane’s North, spent several years working in retail jobs before deciding she needed a change. Tammy wanted a career, not just a job.

As a young mother to a 10 and 2 year old, Tammy was seeking stability in her professional life, looking for a career that would offer flexibility and fit into her school and day care schedule. She eventually decided pursuing a career in an office administration environment would be the best option for her. Having left school in year 9, Tammy had no qualifications, no background experience or formal training, so she knew she’d need a traineeship. While volunteering at Mission Australia, she was put in contact with MIGAS, ultimately securing a position with Ipar Rehabilitation in February 2015, working towards completing her Certificate III in Business.

The hardest part in starting was getting over her own fear, the fear of study and of learning new things. “I was afraid of not believing in myself, and of failing, but there was no need for it. The support I’ve received from everyone has been exceptional and I didn’t expect to have a network of people that could support me, understand my personal issues and allow me to get through it. That’s what this traineeship has given me.”

“I’ve learnt so much. My outlook on life has improved so much now that I know where I want to be. I’ve had to make some huge decisions along the way in the last year that have changed my life, and having my traineeship built up my confidence and gave me the power to make those decisions,” says Tammy.

“I would like to say to anyone, any young mum or someone who has had a bad past, or even just anyone who lacks the ability to believe in themselves, I’d like to tell those people that your past doesn’t make you who you are. It’s who you are today and who you want to be tomorrow that makes you who you are. You are who you want to be. Even if you can’t find the enthusiasm to believe in yourself there are people out there that believe in you and will help you to believe in yourself - trust in others but most of all trust in yourself."

“I want to let people know that it’s not impossible if you put your mind to it and work hard. There are opportunities out there, especially traineeships and apprenticeships because it’s not like going into a normal job. They are hiring you, knowing you might not know anything, so it helps you to take it at your own pace. It’s an excellent way to get out there and get involved!”

As for the future? “This traineeship has been a stepping stone for me. I can’t say what the future holds, but I know this is a massive part of what my future is going to be – it’s the beginning of what’s to come.”

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Published 05 February 2016