Classic Wrecks Given New Life

Classic Wrecks Given New Life

An Automotive Apprenticeship may seem a career choice without much variety.

But like many things in our work lives the reality is far more surprising than most people expect.

Alex Pritchard is a perfect example. He’s completing an automotive apprenticeship that has daily challenges, variety and opportunities to secure a rewarding career in the industry.

The apprenticeship builds on the love for cars he developed years ago through his father who was a mechanic. Alex and his siblings grew up surrounded by vehicles to explore and tinker with.

Starting his career, at a Brisbane based custom workshop, Superformance, Alex was quickly introduced to a unique segment of the automotive industry.

Superformance, has been operating for 36 years building high-end cars, but also doubles as a retail parts store, and offers a myriad of other complex services such as auto electrical, fabrication, welding and painting.

The workshop even has the ability to build a car from scratch as well as rebuild an existing model.

“Every day is different, it’s always fun to step out of your comfort zone and do something else,” Alex says.

Like his father, Alex has a true passion for his work and complete respect for a customer’s vehicle which shows in his work ethic. 

Superformance owner, Grant Malseed, says Alex has been a very enthusiastic employee from day one.

“He’s one of the first ones here and we usually have to tell him at the end of the day to go home.”  

Recently Superformance has been invited to compete on Rides Down Under Workshop Wars a series produced by ONE HD. On the show, the competitors have three months to take a wreck of a car and transform it into a rolling work of art. There will be seven workshops in the series (including Superformance) which will be the only one featured based in Queensland.

Grant, Alex and the entire Superformance team are extremely excited to have a chance to be on the show.

Alex often uses his own time to take on extra training to expand his skills. He recently completed a training course in the proper methods of welding and often brings his own welder to work.

“He has quite a diversified skill set for someone who’s not very old,” Grant says.

The variety of work at Superformace helps Alex diversify his trade skills.

“Even though I’m doing a mechanic apprenticeship, I can go and complete panel beating or fabrication, not just sticking to the one trade,” he says.

As for his future, he hopes to continue to work at Superformance, as it allows him to explore his passion for cars and aims to one day manage his own workshop.

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Published 26 September 2017