Electrical Apprentice in NSW Wins Safety Star Award

Apprentice James Maslin named MIGAS Safety Star July 2015

Congratulations to 3rd year Electrical Apprentice, James Maslin in Hunter Valley, who has been awarded MIGAS Safety Star for July 2015.

James is completing his Electrical Apprenticeship with host company Wormald in the Hunter Valley, NSW.

James demonstrates exceptional commitment to safety in the workplace by making sure he conducts Risk Assessments before starting each different job. James works at different work sites and knows each and every site may be different, but he still follows the same correct safety assessments. His motto is, "I always want to get home'. James will always - STOP, STEP BACK, OBSERVE, THINK ABOUT THE TASK, IDENTIFY, CONTROL AND COMPLETE. 

Great work James!


Published 12 August 2015