Female Indigenous Boilermaking Apprentice Loves Her Career

Denyse - Indigenous Australian Boilermaking Apprentice

Indigenous Australian Apprentice Denyse Major is now in the final year of her Boilermaking apprenticeship with a mining giant in Central Queensland.

The first time Denyse tried welding, she immediately loved it, and decided to pursue it as a career.

“At the end of year 12 I thought I’d give it a go. I had an opportunity so I took it.”

Denyse is working towards a Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication Trade with a mining company in Middlemount.

 “My favourite thing about boilermaking would have to be welding, fixing cracks in the dump trucks, and making things.”

Denyse repairs cracks in dump trucks most days at work, which includes gouging the crack out, cleaning it up with the grinder, welding it and grinding again to blend it in.

“The best achievement I've had to date is working independently completing a project at TAFE, where I made a potbelly stove. This was enjoyable as I was able to use different machines. I drew my pattern for each section. I was very happy as I achieved a great result on my own. I would be very keen on learning more on TIG welding.”

Denyse comments that in the future she would like to work in an industry where TIG welding is the main form of welding.

“To others that want to do this apprenticeship, I say ‘get in there and have a go!’ It’s a good trade to have. I love it. "

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Published 10 July 2015