Four Reasons to Host Australian Apprentices in Your Workplace

The benefits to employing Australian Apprentices

It is imperative that businesses continue to employ and train the next generation of Australian tradespeople, not only in support of Australian Industry but also because of these four benefits to your workplace.

Many small and medium-sized businesses hesitate to hire and train apprentices, possibly under the belief they don’t have the time or money to invest in a four year contract. This is where it becomes important to highlight the benefits of employing apprentices.

Apprentices can be trained in exactly the skills YOU need.

There is some concern that young graduates are leaving university without the skills required for the roles they are applying for. By employing or hosting apprentices, employers are directly responsible for training the new recruits, thereby ensuring they have the right skills the business requires. This can have the added benefit of creating a pipeline of future talent and future leaders for your organisation; moulding your own future tradespeople.

Keep tacit knowledge alive from generation to generation.

By taking advantage of the tradesman in your workshops who have years of experience, a business can ensure that valuable, learned knowledge is passed on and not lost in a skills shortage. As those tradesman approach retirement, it is imperative that their skills and experience are not retired with them.

Bring in fresh and innovative perspectives.

Without questioning the importance of experience and learned knowledge within an organisation, equally important is bringing in ‘fresh faces’. These are employees who will ask questions and prompt innovative thought and change.

With the next generation brings valuable knowledge and curiosity about why things work the way that they do. Utilising this curiosity can lead to change in thinking, a change in procedure and potentially increased productivity within the organisation.

Highlights opportunities for existing staff to re-skill or up-skill.

Changes and advances in technology can leave some workers with knowledge gaps, which can be highlighted with the introduction of apprentices who are learning the new technologies at TAFE. This can encourage a culture of learning in your organisation, allowing existing employees to refresh and develop their skills.

Employing Australian Apprentices not only benefits your business but also supports a nation-wide initiative to secure a working future for Australian Industry. Let's work together to ensure the next generation is trained and work ready.

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Published 29 January 2015