Free Phone Line for MIGAS Apprentice Timesheet and Payroll Support

Top level support for MIGAS Apprentices and Trainees

MIGAS have recently created a phone line dedicated to assisting MIGAS employed Australian Apprentices and Trainees with any payroll or timesheet issues they may encounter.

MIGAS apprentices and trainees are encouraged to call 1800 019 905 if they have an issue or a question about timesheets, wages or payroll. This phone line is now open and directed to a MIGAS Payroll Officer who will have questions answered or issues fixed as soon as possible.

MIGAS have created this dedicated free phone line to make things as easy as possible for their employees.

"In the event that an apprentice or trainee has an issue with their timesheet, or has a confidential question about their wages, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for them to get a quick resolution," said MIGAS National Services Coordinator, Nyssa de Waard.

"In the past, apprentices and trainees have called their Field Officers with queries. We're cutting out the 'middle-man' and allowing contact direct with the source."

The line is free and open from 8AM to 3PM EST or 9AM to 4PM EDST Monday to Friday.

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Published 06 February 2015