Hirotec Apprentice Recognised for Putting Safety First

First year air conditioning apprentice Bailey Russell has been named as the June 2016 MIGAS Safety STAR.

Since joining one of Australia’s most trusted maintenance and engineering companies, Hirotec, in December 2015, Bailey has quickly made a name for himself for keeping safety front and centre each and every day.

He was recently requested to review and develop a fire safety plan for Hirotec’s offices in Malaga, Western Australia. This task was outside Bailey’s usual area of responsibility and he took to it with enthusiasm by investigating the requirements in order to develop a detailed plan which has since been implemented.

Showing a commitment to best practice, Bailey keeps his personal protective equipment (PPE) readily available and in excellent condition. He’s actively uses his safety gear in both low and high risk environments.

Bailey has received commendations from his colleagues and customers on his willingness to get the job done in a safe manner.

Know a Safety STAR in your workplace? Nominate them at hr@migas.com.au.

Bailey Russell June 2016 Safety STAR

MIGAS Safety STAR, Bailey Russell (pictured centre)

Editor’s note:

What does STAR stand for?

Stop. Before you start a job, stop and take a few moments to think through the task and how you are going to safely complete it.

Think. What could go wrong? How could I hurt myself and my work mates? What can I do to stop someone else being hurt? How can I avoid accident or injury by thinking things through?

Act. Now do the job safely. If it just doesn’t feel right or isn’t safe, tell your supervisor and report it immediately.

Review. Review the job – how did it go, and was the safest approach taken?

Published 22 August 2016