How to be a Better Employee

What makes an employee valuable to an employer?

Be a team player

This doesn’t just mean helping out where you can (though that is important!), but also being reliable and knowledgeable about the work you’re doing. A good employee doesn’t have to have a 100% attendance record, but will give a good amount of time's notice if they can't make it. Make sure you always call your supervisor if you’re sick – a text message won’t cut it with most employers!

If you’re assigned a task but you’re not sure you can finish it, or don’t know how to, make sure you let someone know. It’s better both personally and as a member of a team to admit you’re unsure and seek help, than try to fudge your way through it and failing later on.

Stay focused

It’s fine to have a bit of a laugh with your co-workers and take a couple of necessary breaks during the day, but be careful not to step over the line into "lazy" territory. People talk, and they know the difference between someone who is fun to work with, and someone who is essentially being paid to fool around. Not only does this mean you’re own work isn’t being done, but your antics can distract others from their work as well.

Feeling down? Seek help!

We all have our gloomy days, or weeks even, and everyone gets frustrated by work on occasion – and that’s fine! It’s important not to let these down moments affect your work or your work relationships.

A consistently negative attitude can be emotionally draining for your co-workers and will definitely rub your boss the wrong way eventually. If you’re having an especially hard time, you can talk to your boss about taking some time off or reducing your work load a little bit. If you don’t feel like you can talk to your boss, there are plenty of other options you can pursue. Most companies will have a Human Resources or a Health and Wellbeing department who can provide a listening ear or point you towards external counselling options.

If you’re a MIGAS employee, you can talk to your Field Officer, or access our Employee Assistance Program which is 100% confidential. Remember: the gloomy days will pass!

Be Adaptable and Open-minded

You should be open to trying out any task you are asked to do, within reason of course. One of our mantras at MIGAS is, “there’s no such thing as “that’s not my job!”, which comes back to being a team player. Don’t get wrapped up in “this is my job, and that’s his job” – if something needs doing it’s everybody’s responsibility to make sure it’s done and done properly!

Be honest and have integrity

There’s nothing wrong with not knowing how to do a task, or making a mistake – unless you try to cover it up. As long as you’re being honest, and showing the ability to adapt and learn, a mistake will never spell the end of your job.

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Published 14 January 2015