Jake Perram: A Mature Aged Apprentice Made for the Trade

NSW Apprentice of the Year for 2015, Jake Perram, has fast tracked his Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication Trade (Sheet Metal) gaining valuable recognition for prior learning by completing a pre-apprenticeship and working in a workshop before gaining his adult apprenticeship.

Where did it all start?

For Jake, the interest in metalwork started in Year 8 when he had to select his elective subjects. Having a keen interest in working with his hands, Jake chose metalwork and developed a passion from there. After high school, Jake was working in an engineering shop that was a bit too far away from home for him, so he started looking for a job closer to home. By completing his pre-apprenticeship course, Jake gained RPL for most of his first year, and secured an apprenticeship with MIGAS at Penrith host company EMJAY Process Systems. 

Committed from start time to finish time and beyond

Jake further demonstrated his commitment to learning his trade by completing a 2D CAD course in his own time, in addition to working full time and completing the required modules for his apprenticeship.

"I’ve definitely got a different outlook on work and it’s developed my appreciation for what people do for me and how they help me out. I’d say it’s definitely developed my work ethic and my appreciation for the trade. In this trade, there is just so much more than people realise, you know, they think you’re just bending some metal but we do loads of things."

Recently, Jake was staying back after work to help the boss’ son build a metal canopy for the company ute, so he could store his tools. Jake demonstrated his time management skills by planning ahead to see if there was a machine he could use for his usual work and for the canopy, so he could do them at the same time. They completed the canopy both during Jake’s work time and personal time which was volunteered for the experience. The canopy had to be top end finish because it went on the company ute, which meant it had to be a visual representation of what the company could do.

What does his host think?

Jake’s supervisor Michael is beyond impressed by Jake and his quality of work. As a third year apprentice, Jake’s work is already at the level of a tradesperson, regularly assessing the job requirements and manufacturing it without intervention by the tradesperson. Jake is also a complete team player, displaying a constant willingness to help others and support them in their various roles.

A self-sufficient go-getter, Jake is a fine example of the committed and mature apprentices MIGAS, as an experienced workforce development organisation, is able to shortlist and recruit for in a wide range of industries.

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Published 08 September 2015