James Park: A Well-rounded Apprenticeship Makes a Well-rounded Apprentice

QLD Outstanding Apprentice Award Winner for 2015, James Park has credited his apprenticeship with improving his work ethic, his attitude and allowing him to mature drastically over the duration of his training.

James always had an interest in working in electrical, and hoped for a career that would test him every day.

Where did it begin?

James Park started with MIGAS as a school-based trainee in 2010, before being offered a full time apprenticeship in early 2011. Over the course of his apprenticeship, James was rotated between a number of different hosts which ensured his training was well-rounded and comprehensive and lifted the burden of a single host company from committing to a full four year training contract. He rounded off his apprenticeship with Host Company Shellby Power, who were so pleased with the level of competency James demonstrated, they gave him a full time position upon completion in February 2015.

James has excelled both professionally and personally in his apprenticeship. Towards the end of his apprenticeship, James was assigned to a job that required the manufacture of five generators. James sat down and completed bulk preparation, working out what parts were required for the job and complete all the required bookings. James built out a plan that enabled him to make all five generators at once, saving time and ultimately money.

What are they doing now?

Working with Shellby Power, James is heading out on site to refurbish electrical and gas generators at Stradbroke and Fraser Island, as well as conducting generator call outs for Telstra. James wants to stay with Shellby Power and work his way through different roles and opportunities before eventually getting his contractor’s licence and start his own business one day.

Ready for workers?

Many apprentices relish the opportunity to hone their skills with a number of different companies throughout their apprenticeship and flourish because of it. MIGAS can fit apprentices into your business requirements, helping to shoulder the burden of potentially being unable to take an apprentice through the entire contract term.

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Published 04 September 2015