MIGAS Apprentices and Trainees Paid Under the Modern Award Since 2010

There have been reports in the media this week that a number of Group Training Organisations (GTOs) are underpaying electrical apprentices in Queensland. This is because some electrical apprentices are being paid by those GTOs under arrangements that reference the Queensland State Award rather than the Modern Award, and the Fair Work Commission has ruled against this.

Apprentices and trainees employed by MIGAS are not affected by this ruling. In 2010 we made the right decision to pay all of our apprentices and trainees under the applicable Modern Award – which compares favourably to the Queensland State Award. We did this because we believe in fair pay and conditions for our apprentices and trainees.

Our priority is to support our apprentices and trainees through to successful completion of their vocational qualifications. We do this by providing extensive health and safety support, personalised skills training and quality one-on-one mentorship. We are also committed to increasing employment opportunities for Indigenous Australians and women in the traditional trade sectors. If any MIGAS apprentice, trainee or host employer would like to speak with our Human Resources team for any further clarification they can contact us on 1300 464 427 or email hr@migas.com.au.

Published 18 August 2016