National Safe Work Month 2020

National Safe Work Month 2020

This October, Safe Work Australia is promoting National Safe Work Month. MIGAS has a strong commitment to improving safety and health in our workplace and is using this time to draw awareness to this national campaign and share some helpful resources for our employees and host companies.

There have been wide-ranging health and safety impacts on Australian businesses, employers and workers due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, which is acknowledged in this year’s National Safe Work Month messaging. In support of this and to do our bit, MIGAS will be sharing information on the following topics:

  • Campaign awareness
  • How to navigate mental health through COVID-19
  • How you can use data to make your workplace environment safer
  • How to ensure your workplace is safe and healthy
  • Links to resources and information to better your understanding of safety and how everyone can contribute

Many workplaces have quickly adapted to new practices and procedures in order to reduce the risks of spreading COVID-19 and to manage the psychological effects of the pandemic on workers. This year National Safe Work Month aims to highlight the WHS challenges, the significant role WHS plays in keeping workers safe and preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Please see the links below to find out more about National Safe Work month as well some information about how you can start bettering your workplace safety today.


About National Safe Work Month

Work-related psychological health and safety

COVID-19 Information for workplaces

Published 01 October 2020