R U OK? Day 2015 - Supporting Australian Apprentices

R U OK? Day 2015

This year, R U OK? Day falls on the 10th September 2015, and it is the perfect time to look around at your fellow Australian Apprentices, tradie mates, friends and family and ask them how they are going.

The National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing found that more than one in five men aged between 25 and 44 will experience a mental health disorder in any 12-month period. Additionally, those in Australia most at risk of suicide are men aged 15 to 44 years (source: WA Govt). This demographic mirrors both that of the FIFO workforce and indeed the wider manufacturing, resources and mining industries, in which most of our apprentices are employed.

With this in mind, MIGAS would like to ask you: R U OK?

MIGAS would like to remind you that we are a part of your support network, along with your family, friends and work colleagues. We know that working in trade sectors is hard work, especially as a young apprentice with lots to learn. It can be isolating, and overwhelming and tiring; even more so if you happen to be working away from home as so many in the sectors are.

We have the resources and options in place to help you have private and confidential conversations with trained wellbeing professionals if you need it. Sometimes friends, family and co-workers aren’t enough, or you may find it embarrassing to speak with them. We want to help!

All of our employees including staff, apprentices, trainees, school-based, and labour hire workers, and their immediate family have 24/7 access to our Employee Assistance Program for any issues you may be having. Trained professionals can assist you with any problems you are having, whether they be stress, depression, bereavement, addiction or legal and financial stress.

Additionally, many of our dedicated MIGAS Field Officers are trained in suicide prevention, and in any case can be a friendly ear. Call them any time if you feel comfortable doing so.

Worried about a friend, family member or co-worker?

National R U OK? Day, held this year on the 10th September 2015, encourages you to look around and identify someone who is not coping well or as well as they used to be. Simply asking a question – “R U OK?” could save someone’s life.

MIGAS is here to support you.

Interested in the support, mentoring and guidance that comes with being a MIGAS apprentice? Check out current jobs offered here and apply online.

For more resources on R U OK? Day, visit the R U OK? website.

Published 09 September 2015