Safety Star Apprentice Puts Training Into Practice for Host Employer

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The David Evans Group is a family owned business, selling and servicing to a wide area of South East Queensland. The company was established in 1951 by the late David Evans. The business continues to run today with many of the values he operated with, a focus on strong customer service, a broad range of machinery and spare parts and respect for customers and their needs.

David Evans Group are suppliers of tractors, hay, mixing feeding, tillage, planting, construction and lawn care machinery.

Kristin Brown, a 2nd Year Agriculture Technician Apprentice with the David Evans Group in Toowoomba, Queensland, has been selected as the October Safe Work Month Safety Star winner. 

Kristin has been nominated by her field officer Chris Winter and her Supervisor Damian Zillaman for her outstanding achievement and safety contribution to the David Evans Group. 

Having initially received a safety induction and training in hazard identification Kristin developed a new safe work procedure for removing the tyres off tractors as David Evans Group had recently purchased a new tool to move the big tyres but it did not come with a safe work procedure.

Kristin identified various risks associated with the task, such as slips, trips and falls, and Kristin also identified suitable controls as part of the safe work procedure.  One control Kristin identified was to ensure the handbrake and wheel chocks were in place to prevent the tractor from moving.

The new Safe Work Procedure (SWP) was presented at the weekly toolbox talk by Kristin and is now a part of the David Evans Group safety system, with all workers aware of the risk and controls to use.

Developing a safe work procedure is a huge achievement around safety, and shows a real commitment to safety and to the David Evans Group.

A worthy winner for Safe Work Month 2016! 

Published 16 November 2016