Schoolies Week 2015


MIGAS proudly supports the Red Frogs Schoolies Volunteers for the 5th consecutive year!

What a way to spend a hot summers day chilling at Surfer’s Paradise cooking pancakes for a casual 40,000 or so Schoolies and 1,700 volunteers from Red Frogs. It sure beats a day in the office!

Hooking up the MIGAS BBQ Trailer and heading to the Gold Coast stocked with over 1,000 water bottles, Bang Bang sticks, Wrist Bands and a very large, very loud boom box the party started early for the MIGAS Crew as we reached our first stop, Mantra Hotel, and started cooking pancakes for the hungry hoards.

As sleep deprived teenagers emerged from their hotel rooms the Red Frogs enticed them over to have a feed and get hydrated before hitting the beach celebrations. Food and water was well received by Schoolies everywhere partaking in our offerings and telling us about their ventures so far and plans for the day.

MIGAS is completely blown away by the amazing work the Red Frogs do in support of this event to ensure that our next generation get to enjoy the celebrations in a safe, supportive environment. Over the week Red Frogs volunteers will cook up over 75,000 pancakes, and this is just one small part of what they do. The Red Frogs call centre will take over 10,000 calls during schoolies week and will provide everything from Walk Home Services, Phone Charge Stations, Hotel Visits, to Cleaning services and Counselling to literally thousands of Schoolies.

A truly passionate and loving team that we are proud to work with and we are looking forward to our 6th cook up in 2016!

Crissie Allan
Marketing Manager

Published 30 November 2015