Using Your Mobile Phone in an Emergency

MIGAS considers the safety of our Australian Apprentices, Trainees, School-based Apprentices and Trainees, Labour hire workers, Host Companies and internal staff its highest priority.

We bring to you this safety alert:

Using your mobile in an emergency

When possible, it's recommended that you contact Emergency Services by calling Triple Zero (000) from a fixed phone.

At any one time, network capacity, topography, climate and even the number of users in a particular location can affect your ability to make a call in an emergency using a mobile.  That's why it is best not to rely on your mobile phone as the only way to communicate. So, if circumstances require it, consider carrying a specialised emergency communication device such as an HF, VHF or UHF radio, or a satellite phone.

It is important to remember that the number to call in an emergency situation depends on whether your mobile uses the GSM or Next G™ network.

If you have a GSM / Next G™ mobile

To get help from police, fire or ambulance services in Australia dial '000' or '112'. Contact can even be made if your mobile has been blocked or your security settings have been activated.

You can still attempt a normal '000' emergency call from a GSM or Next G™ mobile but if you do not have reception with your own carrier, you can dial '112' and your call will be carried by any available GSM network (if it is available).

SMS in emergencies

Sending an SMS text message in an emergency situation is not advised, as delivery cannot be guaranteed. For instance, the person you are trying to contact may not have their phone switched on or their battery may be flat. Apart from this, emergency services do not have a number where SMS text messages can be sent.

Stay safe!

Published 09 March 2015