Your Trade Career: Boilermaker Apprenticeship

Your Trade Career: Boilermaker Apprenticeship

22 January 2020

What is a Boilermaker? It is a metal fabrication trade with a very long history often considered the modern-day version of a blacksmith. If you choose to take on boiler making as a career, you would be tasked with crafting a variety of metals to repair or produce ships, storage tanks, boilers, Pipelines and other containers that have to withstand or enclose pressure systems.

Depending on the area you choose to specialise in and the host employer you are placed with, you will find yourself in varied and exciting environments. As a boilermaker you will have the opportunity to select your specialisation whether it is either Boilermaker Welding or Boilermaker Making Off, focusing on specific stages of the metal fabrication process. This will provide you with the opportunity to work with some exciting metals across a broad cross-section of industrial, mining and manufacturing industries.


  • Assemble parts and structures on-site during shipbuilding with the aid of cranes and other equipment
  • Mark precise guidelines for the cutting, drilling, bending and punching of metal for the installation of major gas pipelines
  • Interpret scale-drawn dimensions to full-size to complete a job
  • Maintain, repair and rebuild machinery, conveyor belts and/or moulds
  • Make full-size patterns, called templates, to be used when making large numbers of identical shapes in a large workshop
  • Use tools, such as vices, hydraulic presses and rolling machines, or forge metals to shape or bend

This trade requires a four-year apprenticeship. MIGAS will facilitate your practical work placement with one of our quality host employers. In addition to on-the-job training, we will assist you with enrolment through a Registered Training Organisation to complete your certification. With MIGAS you will be fully supported throughout your placement by a Field Officer and by the wider MIGAS Apprentices and Trainees community.

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