Code of Conduct

Introduction, Purpose and Scope

To create a career pathway for our apprentices, trainees and other employees- in – training to help them achieve their career potential.

The aim of this Code is to establish a common understanding of the standards of behaviour expected of all employees at MIGAS. The Code of Conduct is a guide for employees to realise the MIGAS vision.

We achieve great outcomes when we exercise sound judgement while performing our duties. We all have an obligation to take responsibility for our own conduct, work with our colleagues cooperatively and to deal with each other with respect, honesty and consideration.

This Code does not attempt to provide a complete and thorough list of how to behave in every aspect of your work. Instead, it sets out standards of behaviour expected and provides a general outline that will help you decide on a suitable course of action when you are faced with an issue.

This Code of Conduct applies to all employees of MIGAS from the moment that you accept a position with us. It also applies to all contractors and their employees, other third parties and visitors to MIGAS work locations and activities. 


We want each person to reach their full potential and as such, we expect the following behaviours from all MIGAS staff: 

  • We treat each other fairly, and with respect for individual traits. Bullying, insulting or offensive language and remarks will simply not be tolerated at MIGAS;
  • in dealing with people we will listen to, tolerate and respect the perspectives of others, disagreements will be dealt with through rational discussion;
  • we will act in a manner that does not inhibit anyone’s capacity to perform in their role;
  • we do not make unfounded or malicious complaints nor do we misuse personal information about another employee;
  • we behave in a manner towards others which is fair and ethical and does not bring the values of MIGAS into disrepute;
  • we motivate each other, share our knowledge and make our workplace a great place to be.

Key Principles and Behaviours


We share a passion for making a difference. MIGAS requires that we operate within all legal, statutory and government requirements throughout our business. As a leader in employment pathway development, MIGAS employees will: 

  • Act honestly, with transparency in everything we do; 
  • strive to ensure that we are up to date with industry standards; 
  • ensure our operations are relevant and that we have currency and knowledge within our roles; 
  • assist all members of the community, in accessing suitable employment opportunities; 
  • Treat complaints seriously and respond to constructive feedback as an opportunity for improvement. 

Regardless of whether or not you are an internal MIGAS staff member, an apprentice, trainee, labour hire employee or contractor, MIGAS expects the following behaviours: 

  • Perform all duties to the best of your ability at all times; 
  • Accept personal responsibility for your actions and the consequences that come from them;
  • Promote a collaborative workplace that allows us to contribute in a positive, creative and productive way;
  • Provide advice and service that is unbiased, comprehensive and honest, regardless of our personal views;
  • Refer any misconduct and/or breach of this code, MIGAS policies and procedures to your Manager in a timely manner. 

Safety and Diversity 

You are obliged to conduct your duties and behave in a way that protects yourself, your colleagues and members of the public from any reasonably foreseeable hazard that has the potential to cause harm and injury. 

As a responsible member of the business community MIGAS expects the following from all employees, host employers, contractors and visitors: 

  • Take reasonable care for the health and wellbeing of others which includes; complying as far as practicable with all reasonable instruction and WH&S legislation;
  • Consider the physical and psychological safety and wellbeing of others before you act;
  • Report bullying, harassment and any form of discriminatory behaviour immediately;
  • Ensure that the work premises, including your workspace and equipment is safe and well maintained;
  • Report unsafe work practices and damaged equipment; Report any incident where a person is sick or injured in the workplace to your supervisor for immediate action.

Dress Code

MIGAS requires that your personal appearance is appropriate for your work role and takes into account the particular circumstances and environment of your workplace.

You must also comply with the relevant health and safety regulations of your workplace and your particular role. You should ensure that you are aware of what is considered as safe and appropriate work wear, including what Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required to safely engage in your duties. 

Manage Conflicts of Interest 

A conflict of interest refers to a situation where a conflict arises for an individual between two competing interests. These are often, but not exclusively, interests of work duties versus private interests which may include but not be limited to personal relationships, employment outside of MIGAS, and ownership of shares, companies, or property. All MIGAS employees are expected to report any potential conflict of interest, immediately to their manager. 

Having a conflict of interest is not unusual nor is it not wrongdoing in itself. However failing to disclose and manage the conflict appropriately is considered as misconduct. MIGAS employees are committed to demonstrating fairness and integrity when fulfilling our responsibilities and should:

  • Always disclose a personal interest that could, now or in the future, be seen as influencing the performance of our duties. This will be done in accordance with our policies and procedures;
  • actively participate with our management team in developing and implementing a resolution for any conflict of interest;
  • ensure that any conflict of interest is resolved immediately. 

Appropriate Public Comment

Unless specifically authorised to do so in your capacity as a MIGAS employee, personal comments on government policy, community issues, and/or company business should not be made public through the media.

Where providing factual information is a part of your official duties and responsibilities, you will ensure that information is appropriately authorised, and that we properly represent MIGAS in its intended manner and spirit. 

Like all members of the community, we have the right to contribute to public discussions on community and social issues in our private capacity. In doing so you will: 

  • Take reasonable steps to ensure that any comment you make will be understood as representing your personal views, not those of MIGAS;
  • maintain the confidentiality of information you have access to within your role. 


'Confidential Information' means all information of MIGAS that is of a confidential nature, and specifically includes client lists, trade secrets, client details, pricing structures, products, business methods, pricing policy, tenders, financial information and intellectual property. 

You must only use Confidential Information for the purpose of performing your duties as an employee of MIGAS. You must immediately notify MIGAS if you suspect Confidential Information has been improperly used or disclosed. You must not reproduce or remove from the premises of MIGAS any document in any form which contains Confidential Information without MIGAS's consent. 

Professional Relationships 

A cornerstone of good business practice, and MIGAS’s ability to conduct business, depends on positive and productive interactions between candidates, clients, contractors and agents.

At no stage is it acceptable to engage in any inappropriate conduct that could impair your professional judgment or increase the risk of exploitation.

Manager and Supervisor Behaviour

Managerial behaviour sets the tone for the conduct of all employees. Managers and supervisors have a responsibility to model and promote this Code.

As a leader in the company you have a responsibility to set a positive collaborative culture within the company. You must ensure that employees understand the Code, and any other relevant legislation, delegations, policies or other information required to satisfactorily perform their duties.

You should also ensure that appropriate development and training is provided to allow employees to conduct their duties. You have a responsibility to make fair,  transparent and consistent decisions regarding any allegations of behaviour that does not uphold this Code.

Continuous Improvement 

MIGAS’s capacity to deliver our services relies on an innovative and creative workforce, and a commitment to continuously improve our performance and service delivery. All employees have a responsibility within their role to: 

  • Maintain and develop our professional skills and knowledge;
  • in consultation with management, take reasonable steps to identify and apply for development opportunities relevant to your role;
  • actively participate in employee performance appraisal and goal setting processes, including induction, performance planning and development; and
  • actively contribute to developing and improving business planning and processes, including innovative ways of delivering MIGAS services. 

Upholding this Code 

To demonstrate your commitment to this code you must comply with this code and identify and report any conduct that is not consistent with this code.

We will support employees who report genuine concerns of wrongdoing and manage any reports of suspected wrongdoing in a fair, transparent and consistent manner. 

Additional Information 

If you need assistance about how this Code relates to you, please contact your Manager or the Human Resources Department. Copies of this Code of Conduct are available on the MIGAS Intranet and at your company induction along with any supporting documentation.