MIGAS Apprentices and Trainees recruits, employs and supports Australians who want to get qualified in a trade through an apprenticeship or traineeship pathway.
Skilled Trades Apprenticeship Specialists

At MIGAS Apprentices and Trainees we are driven by a single purpose – to connect talented apprentices and trainees with the right jobs that will set them up for successful, rewarding, and long-lasting careers. For 30 years we’ve had the privilege of helping thousands of Australians become qualified, sought after, and skilled tradespeople in their field of choice.

MIGAS specialises in traditional or skilled trades employment across manufacturing, construction, automotive, mining, engineering, telecommunications, electrical and other related industries.

Group Training

MIGAS is a registered Group Training Organisation – more commonly known as a GTO.

The role of a GTO is to recruit and employ apprentices and trainees while providing ongoing support throughout their practical and technical training. As the contractual employer of an apprentice or trainee, MIGAS also performs all requirements relating to their employment arrangement including payroll, induction, mentorship, and full administrative support.

Apprentices and trainees are employed under a Training Contract and placed with a suitable Host Employer for the duration of their training.

Read more about how Group Training works here.

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