One of the modern world’s most diverse professions, a career pathway through a boilermaker apprenticeship will see you tackling a range of hands-on metal repair, fabrication and production work. As a boilermaker's apprentice, you will need the focus and attention to detail to work with metals and produce high quality ships, tanks, boilers, pipelines and other pressurised systems.

MIGAS works to support businesses throughout Australia by connecting leading employers with skilled people who are looking to take on a boilermaker apprenticeship. We focus on working with employers who have the capacity to help you build your career and provide the training you need to succeed along your chosen mechanical engineering apprenticeship pathway.

Undertaking a Boilermaker Apprenticeship in Australia

Boilermaking is a specialist trade occupation that focuses on fabricating and welding a range of metal products. Boilermaker apprentices work in a variety of environments, depending on the specialisation you choose and the industry your host employer operates in. If you’re interested in becoming a boilermaker’s apprentice, MIGAS can connect you with leading employers from across Australia. A career pathway through a boilermaker apprenticeship can lead to two common specialisations:

  • Boilermaker welder. With advanced skills in a range of metals, industries and welding technologies (including TIG and MIG welding), boilermaker welders focus on welding, assembling, repairing and fabricating metal products.
  • Boilermaker marker-off. The types of fabrication handled by boilermakers’ apprentices require high levels of precision. A boilermaker marker-off specialises in marking and laying out work to ensure all folding, bending, drilling and welding is carried out accurately and to a high standard.

An apprenticeship with our employment partners can give you the opportunity to work with some exciting metals, products, tools and machines in a range of industrial, marine, mining and manufacturing capacities. As a highly skilled professional, boilermakers are frequently in demand across Australia, and it’s a career pathway that can present opportunities in many high-performing sectors.

Boilermaker Apprenticeships at a Glance 

Working as a boilermaker welder or boilermaker marker-off begins with pursuing an apprenticeship. Boilermaker apprenticeships in Australia typically require 4 years of study and on-the-job training. Your host employer will teach you to work with a range of welding technologies and metals, and the skills you learn can be used to complete Vocational Certificates and work towards your boilermaker specialisation. MIGAS will facilitate your practical work placement with one of our employment partners, and organise your enrolment with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) to complete your certification as part of your boilermaker apprenticeship.

Boilermaker apprentices may be able to claim certain support and incentives from the Government. Contact MIGAS to discuss the opportunities we have available or to find out if you’re eligible for government assistance.

A day on the job as a Boilermaker

Assemble parts and structures on site during ship building with the aid of cranes and other equipment
Interpret scale-drawn dimensions to full-size in order to complete a job
Make full-size patterns, called templates, to be used when making large numbers of identical shapes in a large workshop
Mark precise guidelines for the cutting, drilling, bending and punching of metal for the installation of major gas pipelines
Maintain, repair and re-build machinery, conveyor belts and/or moulds
Use tools, such as vices, hydraulic presses and rolling machines, or forge metals to shape or bend
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Boilermaker Apprenticeship Skill Requirements

Heavily involved in precision work for water-tight and pressurised systems, a boilermaker apprenticeship requires you to work to the highest quality standards. Skilled boilermaker welders with a focus on attention to detail can find work with employers across Australia.

If you’re considering a boilermaker apprenticeship, you’ll need to possess a few personal attributes to succeed:

  • Spatial awareness
  • Normal colour vision
  • Good communication skills
  • Manual dexterity
  • Attention to detail

Boilermaker apprentices are required to work with an array of complex tools and welding techniques, so you will need to demonstrate an aptitude for detailed work. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, a boilermaker apprenticeship is the best way to get started along your career pathway.


  • Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication Trade (Boilermaker)

Available Apprenticeships

Fabrication Surface Finishing Apprenticeship

Welshpool, WA | JOB ID 6384

Based in Welshpool, this Fabrication Surface Finishing Apprenticeship will set up your trade career in a priority industry

Fabrication Apprenticeship

Ingleburn, NSW | JOB ID 6089

Fantastic opportunity to start developing your skills with this Fabrication Apprenticeship in a busy manufacturing workshop based in Ingleburn

Sheet Metal Apprenticeship

Morningside, QLD | JOB ID 6067

A chance to earn and learn while completing a Sheet Metal Apprenticeship, with an industry leading engineering and fabrication company

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Become an Apprentice Boilermaker 

The MIGAS team has been hard at work for nearly 35 years connecting skilled apprentices and people with employers from across the country. We currently offer boilermaker apprenticeship opportunities in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia. We maintain our registration as a Group Training Organisation (GTO) to help ensure we continue offering leading apprenticeship and traineeship pathways.

Whether you are just getting started in your career or are looking for the next step, MIGAS can help connect you with the boilermaker apprenticeship you are looking for.

Our current opportunities can be viewed here on our website, or you can contact us to discuss our boilermaker apprenticeship opportunities. If you’d prefer, you can call us on 1300 464 427 and talk to our team today.

Hire a Boilermaker Apprentice 

MIGAS relies on support from Australian businesses to provide new opportunities to skilled people and apprentices. We offer an end-to-end recruitment solution that lets us place and manage boilermaker apprentices in your business. Whatever you need from your apprentices, we can help find skilled candidates to take on a range of boilermaker specialisations. 

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