Skill up and step up

Short courses are ideal for learners who want to add to their bank of skills and show their employer (or a future employer) they’ve got what it takes to do the job.

Our Skill Builder Series of short courses brings together some of the most in demand development areas into flexible, affordable short courses. The courses are offered fully online and can be taken bit by bit around work and life commitments.

Whether you’re on a work break, commuting, or set aside some study time, you can make a difference to your career.

MiTraining students can access support from our Student Services team at any time to help with technical, course related or general queries.

Non-accredited Courses

A non-accredited course simply means the course is not part of a formal qualification. These courses are excellent for picking up new skills quickly. Think of them as a skills-shot in an area you need to develop in quickly, or gain more confidence in applying these skills in your work environment. Each course is self-paced, meaning you can start any time and work through the course at your own pace.

Choose Your Course

  • Basic Business Budgeting

    This course will provide you with the foundation knowledge needed to develop a basic understanding of budgets and the budgeting process.

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  • Deliver Training in Your Workplace

    Developing skills around training others can help make the process smooth, and ensure that the team members you’re responsible for training are getting the most out of it.

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  • Handling Conflict at Work

    Handling conflict well is a skill anyone can learn – and getting it right can even turn difficult relationships into positive ones.

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  • Promote Your Small Business

    This course can help you better understand marketing fundamentals to help grow your business and get more customers.

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  • The Confident Communicator

    The skills needed to communicate effectively and assertively in the workplace are often undervalued. But the ability to speak your mind clearly, assertively and with confidence can dramatically improve performance, results and relationships at work (and off-site too).

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  • The Smart Project Planner

    Developing a strong understanding of project management basics means you’ll be able to apply those principles to almost any work task – you’ll get more done, and get noticed for it.

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  • Time Management at Work

    The simple and practical short course will give you tips, tricks and insights about managing your time better that you can apply straight away.

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  • Understanding Customer Needs

    Quality customer service is the backbone of any sized business operation. It can mean even more for small business owners and sole traders where competition is high from other similar service providers.

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