What Does a Heavy Vehicle Mechanic do?

What Does a Heavy Vehicle Mechanic do?

Heavy Vehicle Mechanics repair, maintain and test heavy vehicles in the automotive industry, including trucks, buses, earth moving equipment, tractors and other agricultural machinery, as well as engines and related mechanical components.

What does the Heavy Vehicle trade involve?

The Heavy Vehicle trade involves agricultural machinery, heavy commercial vehicles, and mobile plant machinery. Heavy Vehicle Mechanics, at both tradesperson and apprentice level, diagnose mechanical and electrical faults, overhaul machinery, repair and maintain hydraulic components of all types of engines, and use oxy, electric, TiG and MiG welding, hand fitting or machining processes to replace or repair faulty parts.

There are a number of Heavy Vehicle Australian Apprenticeship qualifications and specialisations, including:

  • Certificate III in Mobile Plant Technology
  • Certificate III in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology
  • Certificate III in Heavy Commercial Trailer Technology
  • Certificate III in Automotive Manufacturing Technical Operations – Bus, Truck and Trailer

Heavy Vehicle Mechanics may be employed in different industries, including retail trade, transport and logistics, warehousing, mining and manufacturing. The range of work they perform is extensive, from making mechanical repairs on truck fleets for large-scale transport companies, to maintaining tractors and other equipment on a commercial farm, or servicing earth moving equipment at a mine site.

What skills are required of a Heavy Vehicle Mechanic?

A Heavy Vehicle Mechanic’s work is practical and hands-on. They will perform manual work daily and need to be able to complete large jobs within certain timeframes.

Problem solving occurs regularly, especially when performing maintenance or repairs. A Heavy Vehicle Mechanic may work in a variety of different environments, including call outs to undertake repairs on site where problem solving is critical.

A Heavy Vehicle Mechanic must understand the task required and plan ahead to achieve the outcome. They will need to perform mathematical calculations and have a high level of mechanical aptitude.

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Published 10 November 2017