Your Trade Career: Heavy Vehicle Mechanic Apprenticeship

Your Trade Career: Heavy Vehicle Mechanic Apprenticeship

Becoming a Heavy Vehicle Mechanic means you will be qualified to repair and maintain the engines and components of large vehicles and stationary engines. Depending on the particular experience and qualification you gain during your apprenticeship you can specialise in particular and/or stationary engines; anything from mobile cranes, drilling rigs, trucks and bulldozers to specialised agricultural or mining machinery.

By completing a Heavy Vehicle Mechanic Apprenticeship, you will become qualified to perform a range of tasks such as diagnostic processes for vehicles or engines. The industry you can find yourself working in include; Government Transport, National Road Transport Companies, Construction or Mining.


  • Repair transmissions in manual and automatic transport fleets
  • Test, charge and replace batteries and other electrical components
  • Remove and install heavy vehicle engine assemblies in the workshop
  • Remove and install heavy vehicle engine assemblies in the workshop
  • Detect mechanical and electrical faults in mobile cranes for further investigation and repair
  • Carrying out roadworthy assessments for the registration of vehicles and management of fleet records

This trade requires a four-year apprenticeship. MIGAS will facilitate your practical work placement with one of our quality host employers. In addition to on-the-job training, we will assist you with enrolment through a Registered Training Organisation to complete your certification. With MIGAS you will be fully supported throughout the duration of your placement by a Field Officer and by the wider MIGAS Apprentices and Trainees community.

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Published 13 November 2019