Your Trade Career: Light Vehicle Mechanic Apprenticeship

Your Trade Career: Light Vehicle Mechanic Apprenticeship

Becoming a Light Vehicle Mechanic (aka Motor Mechanic) means you will be a qualified tradesperson who services, repairs and overhauls cars and light motor vehicles.

By taking on a Light Vehicle Mechanic apprenticeship you will be able to specialise in; performance vehicle workshops, motor dealership service centres and the potential to open a mechanic workshop, starting your own business.

The skills that mechanics develop are now so varied, and as automotive technology continues to develop, the skill set of the average mechanic broadens whilst still staying grounded in traditional light vehicle mechanical processes. A mechanical apprenticeship has the opportunity to take your passion for tinkering in the home garage and turn it into a dynamic career working with new and old vehicles.

A day on the jobs as a mechanic

  • Discuss problems with the vehicle driver to discover faults.,
  • Fit and operate test equipment and test drive vehicles
  • Carry out minor body repairs and minor trim repairs
  • Repair or replace worn and faulty parts referring to manuals as necessary
  • Diagnose, repair and replace engine management/fuel injection components
  • Tune engines using special electronic equipment and make fine adjustments
  • Inspect vehicles and issue roadworthiness certificates or list the work required before a certificate can be issued

This trade requires a four-year apprenticeship. MIGAS will facilitate your practical work placement with one of our quality host employers. In addition to on-the-job training, we will assist you with enrolment through a Registered Training Organisation to complete your certification. With MIGAS you will be fully supported throughout the duration of your placement by a Field Officer and by the wider MIGAS Apprentices and Trainees community.

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Published 27 November 2019