Automotive and Mechanical Apprenticeships

The automotive and mechanical trade is for engine fanatics of all makes and models. If you are looking to find an apprenticeship, you can specialise in engine types and sizes, depending on your host employer. A career in this trade requires passion and respect for the vehicles and engines you will be entrusted to maintain and develop day in/day out.

Automotive and Mechanical Career Outcomes

  • Automotive apprenticeships are generally grouped into either Heavy Vehicle or Light Vehicle Mechanic with a range of specialisations options.
  • Heavy Vehicle Mechanics works on large mobile machinery such as mining vehicles, commercial trucks, agricultural or earthmoving equipment. Qualified heavy vehicle mechanics and specialists may find employment with large logistics companies, in the mining sector, in regional location for farming and agriculture and with government departments maintaining commercial fleets.
  • Light Vehicle Mechanics generally work on recreational vehicles in a workshop setting. Automotive Mechanics may specialise as Brake Mechanics, Automotive Air-conditioning Mechanics or as Breakdown Service Officers who give emergency mechanical assistance to members of an automobile association. With advancements in automotive technology, there are now more electronic controls and computers fitted to vehicles. As a result, Automotive Mechanics are becoming more specialised in the space.

Training Snapshot

  • 4 year apprenticeship
  • Completion of Vocational qualification at Certificate level
  • Specialisations available in heavy or light automotive
  • Trade support loans and government incentives available for eligible applicants

Latest Jobs

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Automotive and Mechanical Skill Requirements

  • Practical and manual work
  • Mechanical aptitude
  • Good math skills
  • No skin allergies

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