Sheet Metal Apprenticeship | Metal Fabrication Apprenticeship

Undertaking a sheet metal apprenticeship will prepare you for a broad range of metal fabrication roles. Your day to day work will include marking out, cutting, shaping and joining sheet metal using a mix of specialised tools.

Success in metal fabrication requires manual dexterity and an aptitude for delivering high quality components that will be used in a range of industries.

MIGAS strives to match skilled people with leading business owners and employers. With skills that are broadly applicable to the manufacturing, mining, marine, fabrication and engineering industries, your sheet metal apprenticeship can lead to work in some of Australia’s most in-demand roles. Our partnerships in the business community mean MIGAS makes it simple to find a sheet metal apprenticeship that can help you along your career pathway as a metal fabrication expert.

Career Pathways Available Through a Sheet Metal Apprenticeship

A sheet metal apprenticeship will provide you with broad training in fabrication skills that are used throughout Australia. Depending on your career goals, MIGAS can match you with opportunities in industries such as mining, HVAC, manufacturing, engineering and beyond. Once you have begun your sheet metal apprenticeship, you’ll need to decide which specialisation you’d like to focus on. A sheet metal apprenticeship can lead to two main types of certification:

  • First Class. First class sheet metal workers are skilled trades that specialise in marking out, shaping, forming, cutting and joining sheet metal materials. First class fabricators are heavily involved in precision work that requires studying blueprints, marking out stock and producing final components to strict quality standards. A first class metal fabrication apprenticeship typically leads to further specialisation as a sheet metal spinner or sheet metal patternmaker.
  • Second Class. Second class sheet metal workers are involved in the same line of work. Day to day tasks include marking out, cutting, joining and shaping sheet metals using tools such as lathes, brakes, welders and hand tools. A second class sheet metal apprenticeship typically leads to a specialisation in certain types of sheet metal working machinery.

A day on the job in Sheet Metal Fabrication

Read and interpret detailed drawings and specifications to determine job, materials and equipment requirements
Work with a variety of materials including steel, aluminium, copper and more
Mark out stock with reference points and lines, using templates, gauges and other measuring instruments
Join parts by riveting, bolting, welding, brazing or soldering and drill mounting holes
Shape and form cut material into products by operating sheet metal shaping, forming, cutting and joining machines
Specialise in heating or cooling ducts, ventilation shafts, furnace designs and metal partitions
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Your Metal Fabrication Apprenticeship at a Glance

A career pathway as a first class or second class sheet metal worker begins with a metal fabrication apprenticeship. To become a qualified trade in this industry, you’ll need to undertake study and on-the-job training during a four-year apprenticeship. During your metal fabrication apprenticeship you will gain exposure to a wide range of sheet metals and other materials, as well as the tools of the trade. You can expect to find yourself working with a variety of hand tools, as well as metal working machines such as lathes, brakes, stamping presses and more.

Your metal fabrication apprenticeship will be undertaken with guidance from a certified sheet metal worker. As you complete your training and Vocational Certificates, you will be able to shift your focus to a specialisation that suits your skills. During your sheet metal apprenticeship you may be entitled to receive support, incentives or trade loans from the government. You’re welcome to contact MIGAS if you’d like to find out whether you are eligible for any incentive schemes.

Skill Requirements for a Sheet Metal Apprenticeship

A career pathway through a sheet metal apprenticeship will lead to employment opportunities in some of Australia’s busiest industries. First and second class sheet metal fabricators are always in demand, and employers are often ready to take on new apprentices. To succeed in your sheet metal apprenticeship you’ll need to demonstrate a few personal qualities:

  • Physical strength
  • Good communication skills
  • Manual dexterity
  • Spatial awareness

Your sheet metal apprenticeship will include work with specialist and potentially dangerous metal working equipment. Not only do you need to demonstrate an aptitude for the work, you’ll need to show that you are able to work safely and consider the safety of the team around you. If you’d like to learn more about working with stainless steel, aluminium, copper and other metals, a sheet metal apprenticeship can provide the opportunities you’re looking for.


  • Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication Trade (Sheet Metal)
  • Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication Trade (Light Fabrication – Sheet Metal)
  • Traineeship Opportunities available: Certificate II in Engineering – Production Technology (Sheet Metal)

Available Apprenticeships

Fabrication Surface Finishing Apprenticeship

Welshpool, WA | JOB ID 6384

Based in Welshpool, this Fabrication Surface Finishing Apprenticeship will set up your trade career in a priority industry

Fabrication Apprenticeship

Ingleburn, NSW | JOB ID 6089

Fantastic opportunity to start developing your skills with this Fabrication Apprenticeship in a busy manufacturing workshop based in Ingleburn

Sheet Metal Apprenticeship

Morningside, QLD | JOB ID 6067

A chance to earn and learn while completing a Sheet Metal Apprenticeship, with an industry leading engineering and fabrication company

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Undertake a Fabrication Apprenticeship in Australia

For 35 years, MIGAS has been connecting businesses with skilled apprentices throughout Australia, helping them find an apprenticeship. We’ve built strong partnerships with the business community so that we can provide new sheet metal apprenticeship opportunities in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia.

Our team is committed to providing unique apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities that help our people thrive. As a registered GTO, we’re able to offer a wealth of support to apprentices to help you get more from your training.

Feel free to browse the sheet metal apprenticeship opportunities on our website or contact us for more information. You’re also welcome to call MIGAS on 1300 464 427 to find out more about metal fabrication apprenticeship careers.

Fill Your Sheet Metal Apprenticeship Opportunities

MIGAS always strives to deliver new apprenticeship opportunities with the support of business owners and employers in our community. To make the process of finding an apprentice simple, we offer an end-to-end recruitment solution that allows us to place and manage skilled people with your business. If you’re offering a sheet metal apprenticeship or looking to find people to fill vacancies, MIGAS can connect you with enthusiastic candidates.

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