2015 World's Greatest Shave Celebrated by MIGAS

Worlds Greatest Shave 2015 - Taurus Service Centre and MIGAS

MIGAS is now in its 4th year of supporting The World’s Greatest Shave with long-term Host Company Taurus Service Centre. Once again this year, Sydney MIGAS Field Officer Darren Hoefsmit lost his locks for charity.

This year was quite special for the family-owned Taurus Service Centre (TSC) team as Owner Khalid Al-Ali almost lost his own life recently, but after many months of treatment he is back to work. Khalid and wife Carol say that if it wasn’t for the support of MIGAS completed apprentice Steve leading the business things would have been a whole lot worse for the family.

Sydney MIGAS Field Officer Darren Hoefsmit became involved with Taurus four years ago when he placed Steve as a Light Vehicle Apprentice with TSC.

Khalid, Carol and their children, Jallal and Adalia have been involved with The World’s Greatest Shave and Shave for a Cure for eight years now and have raised over $18 000 for Leukaemia research over the years.

“We had quite a few customers come through the shop who had been touched by Leukaemia, whether in themselves and in their family. So, we decided to join The World’s Greatest Shave eight years ago and those customers have come down every year,” Khalid said.

Jallal, Khalid and Carol’s 10 year old son, has been shaving his head every year since the business became involved with the Shave for a Cure campaign.

“He’s really proud of his involvement and it’s a fun day for all the kids to be involved in. Our daughter, Adalia, has enjoyed being in charge of the face painting and taking care of the younger kids. The kids get great satisfaction and have a deep appreciation of the supporters and sponsors, whilst gaining an understanding of the difficulties people with these diseases face every day. Jallal has been approached to be the face for next year's promotion of the World’s Greatest Shave campaign Australia wide.”

When Khalid fell sick he was away from the business from mid-September to December, and is needing to be absent now from time to time. Completed MIGAS apprentice Steve stepped up and helped take some of the pressure away from the family in running the business and helped Khalid and Carol meet their family commitments.

“Steve has come a long way since he started his apprenticeship and his ability to learn and his passion for perfection has earned him his rewards. He has a trustworthiness and honesty which shines through in his attitude. That’s why Khalid had trust in him to look after his business when he wasn’t there,” mentions Carol.

Taurus are also involved in a number of other community outreach programs including the Blacktown Show, Sydney’s Special Children’s Christmas and the Flying Doctors. Taurus are an award winning mechanical repair centre, working with light vehicles for the Seven Hills and surrounding areas.

“We have a good network of small businesses around us who have consistently supported us every year with a few new ones this year. We appreciate MIGAS’ involvement in supplying the BBQ and Darren has been a good cook!”

Pictured from left: Steve (completed MIGAS Apprentice), Jallal, Darren Hoefsmit (MIGAS Field Officer), Carol and Khalid | second photo: Carol, Khalid, Jallal and Adalia.


Published 08 April 2015