Find Your Future Trade in Metal and Engineering

Find Your Future Trade in Metal and Engineering

A career pathway in the metal and engineering trade offers a wide range of specialisation opportunities that are hands-on, hardy and often a bit greasy. Above all this trade requires determination and grit to deliver highly accurate work in varied and often extreme working environments.

The industry values tradespeople who are committed to mastering every detail of their work. Maintaining precision is critical whether you are a Boilermaker, Fitter and Turner, Machinist or Sheet Metal Fabricator. No matter the specialisation, you will be exposed to additional opportunities to master particular techniques and may even work exclusively with certain metals, such as steel.

Once you are qualified you will find yourself as a member of an internationally in-demand, and highly skilled community.

There are often opportunities to continue your education after achieving your apprenticeship. You can move up the company ranks into management where your knowledge of the tools and materials in this trade makes you an invaluable contributor in multinational organisations.

You can travel the world with a metal and engineering trade or establish your own business locally, and one-day employ apprentices and trainees yourself. 

We are currently experiencing a high demand for new apprentices across a number of these trade specialisations. If you are committed to working hard for the next four years in order to master a metal and engineering trade specialisation, we encourage you to polish off your cover letter and share with us your passion to succeed. Search our national opportunities here.  

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Published 15 February 2018