Trade Spotlight: Traineeships

Trade Spotlight: Traineeships

A traineeship is an excellent development opportunity that builds highly practical skills, which isn’t always the case through a tertiary education pathway. Trainees can become work ready to gain a competitive edge in the employment market much quicker.

As part of National Apprenticeship Week, we're shining a light on the types of traineeships available and the qualifications which you can only gain through an Australian Traineeship.

The official term, Australian Apprenticeship, actually covers both apprenticeships and traineeships, which is why there can be some confusion. There are actually both similarities and differences between these two training options. You can see a full comparison between an apprenticeship and a traineeship here.

Traineeships are typically shorter than apprenticeships in duration, lasting one to two years and cover a broad range of occupational choices – anything from business and administration, retail and warehousing and logistics. Some highly specialised traineeships can be as long as three years but generally, you’ll complete sooner than an apprenticeship.

Some of the qualifications available through an Australian Traineeship include:

  • Certificate III in Business Administration
  • Certificate III in Business
  • Certificate III in Retail
  • Certificate III in Customer Engagement
  • Certificate IV in Business Administration
  • Certificate III in Warehousing Operations
  • Certificate IV in Warehousing Operations
  • Certificate III in Logistics
  • Certificate IV in Logistics
  • Certificate IV in Business

There are many more specialised qualifications that you can undertake as a trainee depending on the industry you work in. We explore just a couple of these options here.

Warehousing and Logistics Traineeships

Traineeships in Logistics and Warehousing Operations are integral to commencing a career in the Warehousing and Supply Chain Logistics sector which services major industries across Australia. These traineeships are entry-level opportunities where further qualifications and experience can lead to positions in management.

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Business Administration Traineeships

A Business Administration Traineeship can set you up with all the professional tools required to hunt down endless opportunities in the business world. The traineeship offers you a foundation in front end business operations, from exposure to different multi-line phone systems, different Customer Relationship Management (CRM) databases and their maintenance and even how to provide executive administrative support.

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Have you found any of these traineeship options interesting? Find your desired traineeship today! Click here to view our latest opportunities and apply!

Published 08 February 2022